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What do you do for money?

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    What do you do for money?

    ok first off there are alot of sick ass accords here. Sticky, R33, Laguna7, J-specCb4, Accord Inspire, Type G, etc.. and many more with good platforms to start with. And most have said, or rather not even had to say, due to extra long mod lists, and more than enough future plans to make a doctor go bankrupt. My question is where does the money to do these extensive modifications come from? In other words, what do you do for money? Where do you work? And everyone knows it all doesn't happen overnight, so how long has your CB project taken you?

    my answer: I work as a manager at Kroger, yes a grocery store. Ive had my accord for about 3yrs+ most of my mods have come within the last year and a half.
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    I am the Manager of a body-shop so I cut ALOT of cost in modding my vehicle.. I've been building it for 1 year... and most of all I have a great source for parts *Jdm Autohaus* in San Bernardino that has More than helped me out w/ my project... Ryan. EDIT: I also work my ass off for money. 50+ hours a week. Salary sucks..
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      Hey Ryan (Laguna) anymore updates on your ride?
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        I sell my body for sex.

        Yeah that is why I have been doing my car for 8 years now... LOL! I am starving too.

        Seriously though, I work for an electronics manufacturer until I finish school.

        I spend so much on flight training that I don't have a lot left for other stuff.

        It will be a good year this year.
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          I bought a civic... Don't worry I only took a one week break. I threw toghter a little Mini-me motor and some body mods... I finally sold my nissans so I got this as a DD. But, for the accord it really just needs paint. Then I can put it all toghter.
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            See, i'm in the opposite boat for most of you. I have a decent job during the summer, 70+ hours a week. But I spend most of that on school. So most of the mods I do cost nothing, custom stuff...grill, taillights, shifter.


              What do i do for money?

              I shake my money maker of course....
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                hey laguna, can you cut me a good deal on repainting my cb if I drive down there?

                please! hehe

                p.s. i work in accounting.
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                  i work at a grocery store too.
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                    Unemployment....gosh I should get a job
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                      i'm rich bitch!
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                        I've been a graphic designer on the Uconn Storrs campus for the past 3 years. I've basically rebuilt my car in the past 2 years. Time to find a real job, seeing as I've graduated.
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                          i've work'd at tha movies for almost a year already ..and in about an hour ..i have an interview at Bank Of America ..

                          i've been workin' on my car ..tha past few months ..of my paycheck from workin' at tha theatres ..and financial aid money ..'cause i go to a community college. ahah.

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                            I used to play MMORPG's for a living, but yesterday I went and applied for a normal job.

                            so now I'll be making 7$ an hour just taking orders over the phone.
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                              I bought my car with the money i received when my dad passed, and i modded it with the money i saved for college, since i have a full scholarship. I am by no means rich...

                              I do have a good job now though, and now my car is stock. go figure.

                              to answer the question though..I work at a compant called EMC. im a "level 3" support technician..I do a lot of hard drive recovery
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