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** What a run its been.. **

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    ** What a run its been.. **

    its officially goodbye from the import car scene, and what a great time it has been after all these years. from the trends, the people, the cars.. it'll definetely be missed. after owning / driving / modding my cb7 for the last 10 years, it will be going to a new home. not gonna say who it is, i'll leave it as a surprise. but when the car comes out for Spring 2007, its gonna look amazing.

    also wanted to say thanks to the members who were helpful to me from Day 1; from technical issues, to those who respected my ideas, people who encouraged them, and members who appreciated the time, effort, and look of my cb7. thanks fellaz

    this has always been a great forum, but it helps when the people on this forum, strongly support the cb7 scene; a great admin(we'll meet again Deev), the moderators, and of course my fellow members. people i've gotten the chance to speak to, either thru AIM, PMs, or even in person.. keep up the good work.

    i'll soon be modding a vehicle in the 5.6L 32V DOHC variety.
    and just like the cb7, its gonna have its own personal style to it.. primo-esque

    to the tuners i've befriended on this forum, keep it clean.. keep it fresh. EASY!

    and to everyone else.. well, just keep trying.
    5.6L V8 32V DOHC

    dang son... what the hey has a 5.6L in it? guessin domestic but thats cool.. def stop by and post some pics sometime.



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        F body maybe but thats 5.7L close enough? Good luck with your next project!! Its always been fun checking out the progress of your car. It was a nice piece of art and hope the next owner takes care of it as much as you did.

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          dang man well good luck with your next ride and yea def stop by


            OK def. not a Murstang, those are 5.4L tops. Nothing German. The only guess I have is the Infiniti QX56??? Quite a big change. Anyways, good luck man. Don't be a stranger!

            Originally posted by lordoja
            im with you on that one bro! aint nothing beat free food and drinks any day of the week, even if its at a funeral


              good luck in the future francis!!


                dont leave us hanging, i wanna see what motor that is, post up man
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                  i usually hate these threads and wish the poster would just leave already, but...

                  best of luck to you dude. youve been a generous contributor to this site and owned a highly influential CB. props.



                    You know I've been fighting the thought of you getting rid of your car for quite some time, Francis! Do you have a buyer yet? (if not, lemme know what you're looking for...)

                    5.6L, eh? Nissan is the only one I know of that currently makes a 5.6... but you say you're getting out of the import tuning scene? Does that mean it's not an import? Dammit, I wanna know!

                    No matter what you have, I hope you continue to come by here. You're one of the OG CB7 tuners, and you'll always have a place of honor here! Maybe someday if your lady gets her way, you'll find yourself in a house in the suburbs... with a garage big enough to house your 5.6L monster AND a cb7 project!


                      The only DOHC 5.6liters I can think of off the top of my head are Nissans/Infinitys.

                      Good luck with whatever it is.
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                        boo all the good people leave


                          are you getting a truck such as a nissan titan?

                          anyways good luck on whatever you decide
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                            francis francis francis... with as close as we live to each other, i regret not getting a chance to meet you. seems like we picked opposite meets to go to.

                            youve been a very big part of this site since back in the beginning. i understand hitting the point of moving on, but while you had (have) the CB youve done some pretty memorable things and turned out a fine looking vehicle. youve been a huge contribution to this site/community.

                            the best of luck in the future sir, im going to miss having you around. make sure to keep us updated on how future projects are going, and dont forget to stop in and check up on us

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                              Hmmmm... The only engine I can think of, not import, with the 32 Valve thing is the North Star V-8 found in some GM cars. But that's only 4.6L if memory serves. I give up, what car is it?

                              It's always sad to see someone leave, but I feel that you're moving onwards and upwards since you took the time to say good-bye. Most people just stop showing up and life goes on... Have fun mang, with whatever you do...
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