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    to me Piercings and tats are addicting. But like others i'm going into the proffesion that doesn't aprove of them.

    for now i've got my tragus, nipples and my right cartilege (sp?) peirced.

    I also have a butter fly and flames on my lower back. I plan on getting a nautical star with a horseshoe around it tattooed on my thigh or something. the butterfly doesn't really mean anything but the new tat means "luck will guide me"
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      I dunno Ive wanted a tatoo but I dont know what I want. I cant deal with peicings (sp?) either.

      Whats a tragus?
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        Originally posted by Accrdkid

        Whats a tragus?
        its kinda hard to explain its the little piece of cartliege in the front of your ear that connects to your head. lol. Maybe i can get a pic of it.
        "Auto racing, bull fighting and mountain climbing are the only real sports....all others are games."
        - Ernest Hemingway


          I have 3 piercings in my left ear, two in lobe, one in cartlidge, the 2 in my lobe are 6 g and 14 g, and one stud in my right ear, JUST got my tongue pierced about half a week ago, eyebrow pierced, and two tattoo's, a small trible design on my left shoulder, and on my left calf.. a demon with horns, crawling over a backbone.. its pretty tight, VERY detailed, both tatts jus black ink, planning on gettin a band across my left or right becept, and a trible on my upper back
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            Here's what I've got in the order I got it done.
            Both nipples pierces. I had those for seven years before I took them out a couple of months ago.
            My back, between the shoulder blades. Rotate 90 degrees.

            It says life one way and death if you flip it over 180 degrees.
            Left wrist.

            Right wrist.

            Right leg.

            If anybody here lives in St. Louis avoid Iron Age Tattoos, they're overpriced and not very friendly. GO TO ALLSTAR TATTOO! Carrie's done my last three tattoos and I will go back to her for more work when I can.


              Tatoo's are identifying marks......and I may need to rob a bank some day........

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                I got this one a while back.

                I'm going in a month from now to get another one. It's going to be on my left calf. Same design as the manta.


                  I would think these to be pretty self explanitory

                  Members Ride Thread


                    my latest of two i got this last week

                    its like nothing in the world. definition of relaxation.


                      93accordse - I like that life motto you have... "Seize the Day" ...somethin I always remembered since a kid...very good motto

                      marblemouth - I like that Life/Death tattoo you have...Method Man actually has the exact same tattoo on his forearm. I always thought that was a hot ass tattoo.

                      I personally dont have any, dont believe in them. Kinda goes against my religion. I had my labrea and ear pierced, but i took them out once i got out of my teenage years. I love looking at other peoples' tattoos but it actually seems more rare now that you see someone who doesn't have a tattoo than someone who does.
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                        Originally posted by ZigenBallZ
                        ive been wanting the same star between my shoulder blades... but as of now, nothing too poor, and if i get something, i want to be SURE that id love it, im not the type to be spontaneous with a piercing or tattoo..

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                          [QUOTE=brawl]marblemouth - I like that Life/Death tattoo you have...Method Man actually has the exact same tattoo on his forearm. I always thought that was a hot ass tattoo.QUOTE]
                          I saw a picture of him with it in a magazine (SOURCE) years ago. I ended up keeping the picture in my wallet for three years before I ended up getting the tattoo.


                            Bringing this one back because I got some more work done...

                            (just the outline, the entire backround is going to in various shades of orange, hence the orange outline on the ATAT's.


                              i got one tattoo and no piercings but im going to get both cartaliges(sp?) pierced twice and strecth the bottoms out to 8g and the tops to 12g. The tattoo i got is original drawn by me of my girls name in front of a heart on the left side of my chest. Just an outline right now but going to get the letter colored in alternating red and black and get the heart greyshaded. That will happen if we get married. Just a little sentimental meaning to me since shes the one that i love and will always love. But ive loved all of your tattoos. Keep up the good ink.

                              Originally posted by Dr.x
                              You drive an almost 20 year old car, pretty much everyone can pay it off.. you dont need to be "ballin"


                                I have one tattoo which is in the process of getting done. Its gonna be a full back piece. I currenlty have 6 1/2 hrs done and about 10 hrs or so left to do. Its dealing with mafia / al capone stuff. Luckly I know the owner of the tattoo shop (actually I am friends with most of tattoo artist and the guy at the desk). Actually the owner is doing the tattoo and he use to be one of the best shaders in the state of OH. I am getting it for really cheap, but its excellent work (I'll get pictures soon). Gettin a whole back piece for around $400.

                                Glad to have connections!
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