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    Macaqueistrong Project Prelude BA8


    My name is Matt and I've been in and out of the forum since 2006. I want to create this thread of my build as a documentary; A story of my past CB and how that influenced me with my new current build. I welcome all of you to stay, read through, and learn a little bit about me. Let's begin!

    __________________________________________________ ______________

    I'm formerly known as MDJ-7BC and my very first car was a 93 EX.

    In 2008 (19 years old at that time) I sold my CB for finances to support my new wife and my soon to be born daughter. After 4 years and a trip to Honda Tech 2012 in Kent, WA I realized I wanted to build another Honda.

    During my 4 year down time, I picked up many hobbies to try and fill the void of my CB, I tried my hand in photography. I picked up bass fishing with my brother in law, I bought a jon boat and rebuilt it with a cousin, I even bought some firearms and went sport shooting with an old friend that recently finished service in the Army, but not one of these hobbies actually made me any happier.

    This all becomes relevant because after trying these hobbies I had acquired all the items it took to do them, a boat, rods, reels, rifles, pistols etc. Well I decided I would sell these items and buy a project car with the money. This meant that my options weren't going to be the cream of the crop but hey I wanted a project car so it would work out. After selling my boat and other various items I was only left with my firearms which I held onto for home defense and personal protection, little did I know that they were the key to my new car...
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    I searched for a car that had remained stock through out its years, with a fairly straight body but still had the potential to turn into something great. During my search I came across a Prelude that for as far back as I can remember has sat in the same spot and never moved, washed, or even cared for. As luck would have it I also knew who the owner of the car was. His name was John and he worked at the local lumber yard, I had seen him many times before but never actually spoke to him. I decided one day to ask him if he ever thought about selling his car, during that short discussion he told me that he was planning to fix it and give it to his sister who was in need of a vehicle.

    Some time went by I would say a month or two, I was working in the office of my families business when my father comes in and tells me that he ran into John and John told my father to tell me he was thinking about selling the car. The timing couldn't have been more off! I had used the money I set aside for the car on rebuilding my Ford Ranger. I sat and thought of ways that I could possibly acquire some money for the car but came up with nothing. Later that night while relaxing at home, a show came on called Barter Kings. I've watched here and there but never really beleived that it was a real show, mostly staged. Anyway this gave me the idea of offering something to trade for the car, but what? After some thought, I recalled that John mentioned his dog was a hunting dog and that he was going to breed her soon, so I figured if he likes hunting I wonder if he would like my guns?

    The next evening I got my offer together and took it over to his house. He showed me the car and what he thought was wrong with it and told me a little about its past and maintenance that was done to it. Towards the end of my visit I showed him my offer to trade 1 rifle, 1 pistol, and 1 shotgun. To my surprise he told me that he was looking for a pistol and the pistol he had been wanting was the exact one that I was offering him! This was great news to me and so that night we made the deal and that same weekend I picked up the car and trailered it home. Below is a photo of her first night in my shop.

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      After a month I decided to get to work. This car is a challenge for me since I never really did suspension and mechanical work on a car before. My CB I had during high school and if any problems came up or any parts had to be installed, we just took it to a shop to get it done. For that reason I decided that I would do as much as I could to this car myself, and learn about it as much as I can along the way. It took me some time to get the courage to start the tear down process because this car has sat for over 10 years. 10 year old gas, oil, coolant, brake fluid, grease, and to make it worse it was never covered or cared for so the brakes were rusted solid and dirt and grime created a thick layer of crust underneath the car and in all the wheel wells. I really did think I bit off more then I could chew.

      Thanks to my cousin James though for offering a helping hand I got started.

      1 by Elite Foto, on Flickr

      I removed the non-oem side moulding and found out that the rear passenger quarter panel had surface rust and bondo repair work done. Not what I wanted to find but it will be dealt with in due time.

      I decided to start with the brakes and suspension first because I didn't want to get the motor running and then not be able to drive it because the brakes were rusted solid or didn't work. I enlisted the parts below to become part of my project:

      1) Function and Form Type 1 Coilovers.
      2) Rear Stop Tech OE Rotor Blanks
      3) Rear Stop Tech Brake Pads
      4) Front EBC USR Slotted Brake Rotors
      5) Front EBC Green Stuff Brake Pads
      6) Front and Rear Goodridge SS Braided Brake Lines

      Here is a picture of the rear install:

      2 by Elite Foto, on Flickr
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        Saved for Engine and Transmission.

        5 by Elite Foto, on Flickr

        Update: Didn't really take any pictures of this process. I honestly couldn't find the time to stop and take a couple shots, I just wanted to get the tranny out, clean it up, install the new parts and get it back in.

        4 by Elite Foto, on Flickr

        I took a wire wheel to the whole thing and got it cleaned up, looking back at it, I wish I would have powder coated the housing or at least painted it. Oh well, it will just have to wait until I upgrade to the H23 tranny.

        I installed a fidanza 8 lb flywheel and exedy oe clutch, and during that process learned how to use a torque wrench! Awesome right?

        -Forbidden Motorsports Short Shifter and
        -Buddy Club Racing Spec Shift Knob were installed too.

        Also ordered a bunch of oe parts for the motor to try and refresh it.
        3 by Elite Foto, on Flickr

        -Distributor cap and rotor
        -Water Pump
        -Air Filter
        -Valve Cover Gasket Kit
        -Timing Belt
        -Oil Filter
        -Fuel Filter
        -Radiator Hoses
        -Exhaust Manifold Gasket
        -NGK Spark Plugs and Spark Plug Wires
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          Saved for future photos.


          8 by Elite Foto, on Flickr

          After getting all the suspension, tranny and motor work done I decided to put my wheels on.

          -Buddy Club P2 Plus 17x7.5
          -Nitto NeoGen 205/40R17
          -Buddy Club Racing Spec Lug Nuts

          What do you think?

          I also added some dress up items to the engine bay.

          -Wrinkle Red Valve Cover

          11 by Elite Foto, on Flickr

          -Buddy Club Oil Cap

          -Buddy Club Radiator Cap

          I thought I would keep the engine bay fairly stock but that idea has gone out the window and now I have more and more parts coming. Here is another teaser of what the future holds.

          -H23/A6 Intake Manifold Swap

          12 by Elite Foto, on Flickr

          13 by Elite Foto, on Flickr

          -Bisimoto H23 Intake Manifold Gasket

          Also some exterior things, shout out to Jon aka Frootloops!

          -JDM 1 Piece Chrome Headlights

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            I see good things happening in this thread! A little surprised to see the f22 staying in there.
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            -1993 Accord EX SOLD
            -1995 Accord EX Wagon Daily Driver
            -2012 GMC Canyon V8 4x4


              The coolest thing about this project is the space that you have to work with. I would sell a testicle to have a shop that opened up.
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                Posts updated! I also have more pictures to come as more parts come in!


                  Was the intake manifold bead blasted? It looks incredibly shiny. But not too flashy. I like it.
                  '93 H22A 5SPD SE - MRT - DIY-Turbo Sizing - Chassis Dynamics Data


                    Originally posted by domesticated View Post
                    Was the intake manifold bead blasted? It looks incredibly shiny. But not too flashy. I like it.
                    Yeah it was bead blasted, then powder coated a reflective chrome. It doesn't really reflect but looks more like a shiny polish mix. Cost me $60 so I was very pleased with the outcome.


                      Yea it looks great!
                      '93 H22A 5SPD SE - MRT - DIY-Turbo Sizing - Chassis Dynamics Data


                        Additional suspension hardware:

                        -EM Racing C-Pillar Bar

                        -Cusco Rear Strut Bar

                        Cusco front strut bar is on its way over from Japan and I'm currently waiting for ESP to finish up my traction bar with front torque mount.


                          This thing is going to be a legitimate track car before it even drives.
                          My Members' Ride Thread - It's a marathon build, not a sprint. But keep me honest on the update frequency!


                            Originally posted by Jarrett View Post
                            This thing is going to be a legitimate track car before it even drives.
                            Ronald Type-R already beat me to that!

                            I honestly want it to be a good all around car. Easy and comfortable to drive on the public roads, run a decent 1/4 mile, handle well during spirited driving, and look good doing it.


                              Loud and clear, bud. It's my exact philosophy in my approach to modifying mine also.
                              My Members' Ride Thread - It's a marathon build, not a sprint. But keep me honest on the update frequency!