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Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

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    Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

    Hey guys,

    PPIHC is right a round the corner and happening on the 30th of June. Anyone going to this? If you are, maybe we can get together and arrange something. It's $40/ticket but if we buy a family pack (4 tickets) it's only $135 total. Saves us 25 bucks! let me know if any of you are going or are interested. We can Car Pool? I figure if we have some folks going, carpooling is better as we don't have to drive individual cars.

    It ends up being $45 for a single person; that's what they charge you at entrance, and there's a fee if you buy the ticket from King Soopers, etc. I went in 2010 (my CB actually overheated racing an AE86 Corolla on the way down after the race!), but I can't shell out the money for it this year. Too bad, with all of the Hondas competing, I was really wanting to see the LoveFab NSX.

    I remember having to leave my house at 3 or 4 in the morning to get there on time, they close the mountain to traffic at I think 7am. I recommend sitting at Devil's Playground, its probably the largest amount of road you can watch at once and you can walk around to get some great views of different corners.

    Just be prepared to see every male from teenager to mid twenties wearing a Ken Block shirt. Poor souls don't actually watch rallying, so they don't know how sorry a driver he is... he won't be at Pikes, just fyi.

    I drove up the mountain about a week ago though, so I got to experience it in its new, fully paved, glory. While it makes the race less interesting without the dirt sections, it's more enjoyable to drive it in your own car.
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      I'll be there, hoping to get a spot at glen cove, then walking to George's Corner, will have my GoPro with me

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