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custom headlights?

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    custom headlights?

    ahaha ok sorry, i got excited! :P.....ok so this kid went into our shop and he had these headlights that had a whole in the back for a light. I asked him to turn on his headlights and i couldnt even see his green light, but when they were off the light was just reflecting around the inside of his headlight. It looked bitchin! do you know what i mean? and do you think its do-able to ours.... i couldnt find em on ebay but i want to get a headlight from the jy and maybe try a diy....
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    You ought to reread your post (maybe even out loud) and see if you can reword it. The first run on sentence had some extra words, and is very confusing.




        No, I don't know what he fuck you're trying to say.

        I'm glad we're spreckenzing the same lingedy here.


          never mind ill take pics on thursday, and show u guys, sorry

          H22 cb7:


          dd cb7:


            Can i take a guess and say "angel eyes"? Pics would be nice. Do i get points for deciphering this puzzle if I am correct?
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              i think he's talking about city lights...


                Originally posted by jdmwannabee View Post
                i think he's talking about city lights...
                Or a retro fit?
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                  Maybe a small green LED mounted in the housing, it could be hidden by the reflector and would pretty much be a green city light.


                    Originally posted by jdmwannabee View Post
                    i think he's talking about city lights...
                    i'd have to agree with you

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                      Originally posted by visualpoet View Post
                      Maybe a small green LED mounted in the housing, it could be hidden by the reflector and would pretty much be a green city light.
                      That's what I'm imagining... and I've thought of doing this as well. I think it would look really cool.


                        I've been wanting to do this for quite some time. Have it turn on/off with the corner lights.

                        But, I was thinking more of a amber/yellow color... not green.

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                          Im thinkin of this..

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                            my grandmother has a 1995 ford aspire, and the headlights have another bulb on the inside, size 194. it acts like a day time runnin light, pointless really on her car.

                            i thought about this, witha amber bulb, theres hardly any room back there, so another thing will b to use a led like mentioned.
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                              city lights are sweet