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Alternatives to the factory Honda keyless entry system on EX's?

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  • oldcarguy6547
    The keyless entry remote for the wagon is literally built into the main key - there's no fob. The battery that powered it back when is a permanent rechargible that's molded into the key head, with a pair of electrical contact raiils that extend down into the key slot - it's supposed to rechange whenever the car's in operation. Checked with the local dealer about replacement keys a couple of weeks ago - one of the long time parts guys said he remembers the system, but Honda hasn't had that key available for years.

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  • CyborgGT
    Your fob is still in good shape? I have one for my wagon as well, but the buttons are broken. I haven't bothered to see if I could safely open the fob up to replace a battery. There are all sorts of aftermarket keyless entry and alarm systems out there, but probably not to make this factory fob work.

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  • SaddleMtnMan
    Are you 100% sure that key fob is actually sealed? I've never dealt with one (as much as I wish I had one), but I would find it EXTREMELY unlikely Honda would make a non-servicable key fob, even in the 90s. miniature battery tech still sucked, you'd have to buy a new fob every 6 months.

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  • Alternatives to the factory Honda keyless entry system on EX's?

    Anyone had experience adapting an aftermarket alarm / keyless entry system? The factory remote access key/sender came with my new-to-me EX wagon, but the battery in it is long dead, the sender end of the key is sealed, and Honda no longer has the keys. All the power locks work fine - I'm just looking for a way to activate them without putting the key in the lock. If the system came with an alarm, so much the better......