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91 EX 5spd CB9 in Frost White

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    91 EX 5spd CB9 in Frost White

    CB7 Tuner!!! Here's my 1st post in attempts to reach 30 :P

    Here's my 91 EX CB9! I've had several honda's in the past but there's just something about this car that gives me that itch to throw money into it. I'm no mechanic (or much of a DIY'er) but this site has been such a great help and inspiration to get wrenchin' and get this project underway.

    I purchased it back in '18 after my gold hand-me-down CB7 (R.i.P. Goldy) got stolen/recovered then ultimately sent off to the dismantler for failing emissions. 2 weeks later, after BADLY needing a daily for work I found this gem on for $2000 and used the $1000 i got for putting down Goldy!!!!!

    Initially I was wanting a '91 prelude Si and was hoping for some miracle to happen... and it did! But in the form of a slightly neglected CB9 from a single owner. Coincidence?

    It had speed sensor problems, failing master/slave (couldn't drive the damn car after 2 days, freaked out) and a horrendous fading/chipping original paint job (still does). There is rust here and there (SF car) but not too bad. One thing I did notice as soon I test drove was how 'torqy and healthy the engine felt in comparison to that F22A4. The Interior tho? Near immaculate. I was very surprised to discover this. The older couple that had it before me took good care of it I'm assuming.

    My plans for this car, .....restore! As much as possible! Subtle exterior mods, putting more emphasis on suspension/engine/transmission drive-ability. A nice paint job, some wheels, & subtle JDM/USDM accessories is all I really care about externally. I am on a tight budget for this daily (I know, it shouldn't be my daily, but its all I got!) and curious to see how far I can go without breaking the bank.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20190730_190147-1_1.jpg
Views:	580
Size:	24.3 KB
ID:	4978040Click image for larger version

Name:	20201210_183307_smaller.jpg
Views:	516
Size:	53.1 KB
ID:	4978041 Click image for larger version

Name:	20201018_205053_smaller.jpg
Views:	491
Size:	37.1 KB
ID:	4978042

    Click image for larger version  Name:	20201019_233608_smaller.jpg Views:	0 Size:	38.0 KB ID:	4978047 Click image for larger version  Name:	20200708_195933_smaller.jpg Views:	0 Size:	54.2 KB ID:	4978046 ... this last photo was how the engine bay looked when I got it, minus the NGK stuff.


      The good thing is, parts are still everywhere, and we're talking about 30 years down the line from when these things hit the streets. Oh, and welcome to the community.

      You know, everytime I watch Boyz N The Hood, Furious Styles clean mint condition '91 EX sedan gives me the chills. Damn that car was nice.
      The Lord watches over me!

      "Stop punching down on my people!!!"

      - D. Chappelle


        Straight Success Ahh yess, Boyz In The Hood.. that clean cb7 & s13.. & Thank you! I'm glad to be apart of a helpful bunch! I know many have said it before, but there's just something about these little Accords that make them so fun to own/drive.


          You know what? My mistake. It was a '90.
          The Lord watches over me!

          "Stop punching down on my people!!!"

          - D. Chappelle


            Well welcome aboard CB9 newcomer mate

            That's a pretty nice wagon ... and a 5 speed ... score!
            Take a look at "My CB9 Wagon thread" at the bottom of my sig ... and please, post more pictures, and ask any question(s) ... if it's been asked, your answer is here!
            Where do you live ? Oh and, have I mentioned ... more pictures please ...
            Last edited by PakaloloHonda; 03-12-2021, 07:09 PM.

            My CB9/Wagon Thread Start to Finish:


              PakaloloHonda Thanks bud. I'm sure you've heard it before but dude your wagon is kleeeeen. Def planning on getting mine to the point where its all upgrades and fun. I'm in the process of still playing catch up with all this neglect from the previous owner. Upgrades/maintenance has been a little slow for me lately since I'm on a super tight budget. Mainly getting all the cheap-er stuff fixed as I go (faulty sensors, filters, body work, etc.). She's my lifelong project so whenever i get some extra cash here and there it goes to feed my wagon addiction.

              & to answer your question I live in the land of the Teslas and social media, Silicon Valley. Hence me never having money to throw at my poor car.

              The last thing I did was correct my ignition timing. My noob ass didn't know how to use a timing gun and so I messed up the 1st time around after a dist. install. 1 month later I'm wondering why I'm getting shit gas mileage and odd performance. I was convinced that I had done it right, until TODAY actually. Corrected it. It was way off. I'm a happy man now and hoping to see a difference in mpg. Changed out the fuel filter as well.

              Hey maybe you can help me actually; I recently installed a BOSAL (again, silicon valley rent man) OE res/muff and it sounds terrible. I have a MAG high flow cat w/DC headers and wondering if I just need to jump to larger diameter piping? I installed/reinstalled the exhaust 2wice to make sure it was installed correctly and to check for leaks and loose bolts. Still, it has that raspy sound that no1 likes to hear (including me) LOL SO I am wondering if I should just spend the extra $$$ for a MAG set or something similar.

              As far as photos go I will need to upload them to another post? "exceeded kB for this chat"? LOL


                Click image for larger version

Name:	before after f22a6.jpg
Views:	461
Size:	42.6 KB
ID:	4979315 ... got the power antenna replaced recently along with: new(er) wheels- Konig Villain 16" wrapped in 205's, front type R lip custom diy, replaced alternator, power steering, distributor, corrected timing, fixed/replaced broken clutch pedal spring (car now locks and turns off), fuel filter, and ALARM finally. Been chipping away at stuff since the last time I was on here. This obviously isn't something I'm throwing gobs of money at or else it would have already had the engine rebuilt, new paint, suspension etc. It's my daily gas saver and it's helping me save money. When I get another car, like an RD-1 CR-V, this will absolutely go beast mode.


                  Click image for larger version  Name:	20210316_144106_HDR_1.jpg Views:	0 Size:	30.8 KB ID:	4979317 Click image for larger version  Name:	20210316_132827_HDR_1.jpg Views:	0 Size:	20.6 KB ID:	4979318 Click image for larger version  Name:	20210309_133432_1.jpg Views:	0 Size:	29.1 KB ID:	4979319 ...Here's the engine bay during the dist./power steering/alt./megan racing strut bar/type-R lip/blue rad hoses install. I took the opportunity to clean it up a bit, re-taped all questionable looking harness with electrical tape, cleaned the throttle body, and drilled some holes in the OE reso box behind the bumper to get ?colder air?. I followed Winston Buzzon's DIY on how to mod the air box.

                  Since I JUST recently got my ignition timing corrected I have yet to see if, with the air box mod, I can get my range of 430 miles back! As of last fill-up I clocked 320 miles (23/25mpg).

                  ***BTW i think i said it before in my intro but I am not a mechanic or anything close. I meticulously read forums and watch videos till i grasp the concept, get the required tools and get to DIY'ing. There are somethings I will not do and would rather have a seasoned pro perform. Luckily, these cars are relatively easy to wrench on compared to some of my friend's and relatives vehicles.
                  Last edited by FrostyCB9; 06-03-2021, 04:30 AM.


                    Click image for larger version

Name:	20210316_133311_HDR_1.jpg
Views:	437
Size:	37.3 KB
ID:	4979321 Click image for larger version

Name:	20210317_185059_1.jpg
Views:	427
Size:	42.1 KB
ID:	4979322 ... its coming together I just Wish I knew how to clean up that intake manifold without removing it. I'm paranoid that I'll break something in the process of removing...


                      Click image for larger version  Name:	image_9138.jpg Views:	3 Size:	21.3 KB ID:	4979324 .... here's what I'm talking about with the paint job.. little shit chips here and there UGH it bothers me. Can't wait to have her re-painted a fresh Frost White. #goals ... oh yeah, almost forgot about the new ambers! I love 'em! Painted a new grill as well.
                      Last edited by FrostyCB9; 06-03-2021, 04:44 AM.


                        Click image for larger version

Name:	97531.jpg
Views:	431
Size:	95.5 KB
ID:	4979326 Click image for larger version

Name:	20210306_120236_HDR_1.jpg
Views:	427
Size:	33.5 KB
ID:	4979327 Click image for larger version

Name:	20210513_184337_HDR_1.jpg
Views:	426
Size:	24.2 KB
ID:	4979328 ...replaced the muff/reso because I blew a hole threw the reso apparently .... new bosal system sounds like shit... lightweight upset. Raspy because of ... ? LOL #FARTCAN in full swing. Could the baffle be broken on the inside of the canister? It was shipped naked with stickers on it, wondering if it got damaged during shipping .... ? I still have most of these old parts btw


                          ...the BOZO exhaust lol Click image for larger version

Name:	bozo.jpg
Views:	441
Size:	20.2 KB
ID:	4979330 ... gotta love them rockauto prices hahahahaa


                            Click image for larger version

Name:	20210528_153145_11.jpg
Views:	436
Size:	84.3 KB
ID:	4979332


                              It’s coming along nicely!
                              the intake manifold isn’t too scary. If you want to remove it, just take it one bolt at a time. Take pictures as you go. Be careful when working on anything plastic, because it’ll definitely be brittle.

                              you could try adding a resonator to that exhaust. I had a custom system that was pretty terrible sounding. Once I added a resonator, it sounded great.