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91 EX 5spd CB9 in Frost White

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    deevergote Thanks. There is a resonator on there and it went on with the muffler. I did notice the sound getting a little better after I corrected the ignition timing, but still a little raspy in the 2500k & 3500k range. I'm BAFFLED hahahaha I really like the dual tip muffler PakaloloHonda has on his wagon. If I can't figure it out I'll go to a muffler shop to see if they can help.

    On a different note I'm saving for an ESP setup; Traction bar, motor mounts. Is there anyone on here that has installed a rear strut tower bar? I purchased a megan one to match the front but it didn't fit right; doesn't bolt up correctly and It requires cutting through interior body panels/ plastic and that's something I really don't want to do. Also looking to get the energy suspension kit at the same time I get the ESP kit to get the suspension dialed in.

    I'm not partial to any of these brands so any input as to others I can benefit from is much appreciated. ☮️


      My exhaust was super rusted through so I replaced the headers with the DC sport headers but then cheaped out and got a monster fart can exhaust from Amazon on the cheap. Interestingly enough for the price it was really well welded together and fit perfectly, that being said I have the same issue as you. Just insane amounts of raspiness. I initially also wanted a dual tip setup to kind of keep the same look as before. I think the solution in my case is probably to get something for the axle back that actually has a muffler.


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        I'm thinking about buying DC sports headers, are they worth it?

      Originally posted by FrostyCB9 View Post

      Hey maybe you can help me actually; I recently installed a BOSAL (again, silicon valley rent man) OE res/muff and it sounds terrible. I have a MAG high flow cat w/DC headers and wondering if I just need to jump to larger diameter piping? I installed/reinstalled the exhaust 2wice to make sure it was installed correctly and to check for leaks and loose bolts. Still, it has that raspy sound that no1 likes to hear (including me) LOL SO I am wondering if I should just spend the extra $$$ for a MAG set or something similar.
      I, have had NOTHING but the best service and fair prices from Joe's Performance Muffler ... what he says to do ... DO it, lol ..
      He's done everything "muffler" and Catalytic Converter ... gaskets for down-pipes ... you. name. it .....
      Tell him Tomi, with the blue accord wagon .... he'll hook you up. here's all his info:
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      My CB9/Wagon Thread Start to Finish:


        Do let us know how it goes when you go to get the ESP parts. Seems there were some issues recently when the brand was sold to a different owner, so I'm really hoping for the sake of this community that it's been sorted out and we can depend on them again.

        Accord Aero-R


          Love my fellow CB9 folks!!! It's looking great!!
          I fly by like the coupe grew wings!!!
          My coupe!!!

          Originally posted by Racer_XXX
          Excuse me miss, YOUR FUPA IS IN THE WAY!!!


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              Wow, a EX manual wagon. That's got to be one of the rarest spec CB. Nice find.


                its been a cool minute since I've posted to this but I have been chipping away at things slowly. I was able to get front and rear strut bars installed, swapped rack and pinion, Poly sway bar links, Poly tie rod bushings, valve adjustment, coolant flush, resonator system delete, H22 Plenum swap, innovative mounts (75a), and now currently working on passing CA Smog--

                I'm currently not passing due to a "gross leak" detected on the EVAP side of things. Something about the tank not holding adequate pressure. I have the fuel tank out of the car right now (for the second time in a month) to hopefully locate this leak. I've tried smoke testing the 1st time but had no luck. This time I have all rubber hoses pulled/replaced, New BOSCH OE fuel pump assembly/gasket, New OE Sending unit/gasket, and replaced both the vent solenoid and vent gasket. I retake the test tomorrow *fingers crossed*


                  My bad for the neglect. I'll come back through and scope out what I've been missing.
                  The Lord watches over me!

                  "Stop punching down on my people!!!"

                  - D. Chappelle


                    Hot wagon! Don't know how I missed this thread. I always loved this gen wagon, and holy smokes, an MT to boot! Absolute fantastic find. Don't get rid of it because you will never find another!

                    Did you get the exhaust issue worked out? I was going to say that sadly, the F22 is not one of the easiest engines to make sound decent, especially with a header. The basic strategy would be the biggest resonator and muffler you can get under it, so that the frequencies causing the rasp are absolutely not resonated. Beyond that, a slightly thicker walled steel might help a bit as well. Sadly, there are little to no options available for a wagon, so the best way is probably to be prepared to spend on a good custom setup.
                    The OFFICIAL how to add me to your ignore list thread!


                      Manual wagon! You got a rare one there as others have stated, don't let go of it if you can help it! Did you ever move forward with the ESP stuff? There is ongoing litigation tied to this company I posted a thread about it in the of topic forum. Hope you weren't one of the people who got taken for a ride.

                      Under Construction​​​​​​​​


                        Thanks for the love CB7Tuner.

                        So I have since figured out what was causing my exhaust to sound like ass and it turns out I had the dizzy out of spec. This was causing that rasp and once i corrected it she became a different animal.

                        *I am most definitely looking into a custom exhaust from a good shop soon.* Exhaust bracket broke recently on the DC collector. Fun.

                        This is the only car I've ever really wrenched on besides basic brake jobs so I'm learning as I go.

                        &&& I totally agree with y'all I AM NOT getting rid of the wagon.

                        A tesla owner offered me $10k recently and I passed. I love the reactions I get from people when I pull up. Exotic car owners dig the wagon too.

                        As for ESP- ..... I am not down to wait a long time for a questionable product with questionable service. Innovative was looking real good when comparing to other mounts, availability was there and price wasn't too bad.

                        The motor mounts alone make a night and day difference. I love this shit. Got all 4. The F22 isn't ' fast' but it's fun and sounds/feels amazing. Uphill sprints are the best. I can only imagine how a freshly built ported,etc f22 would feel like. *Goals*

                        I'm currently in the middle of helping with an F20B swap into a 01' BB6 and in the process of stacking my h22 plenum. I was able to get a hold of a blue "simota race filter" drop-in style filter to go with the stack so that should be nice.

                        and the BB6 won't start.. 'Crank, no spark' ..... might be the crank sensor at this point. Igniter checked out fine. New dizzy, new coil, PCM checked out fine, Green key light blinks like normal, New plugs/wires, we even had a car audio shop checked to see if grounds were good. Gonna try the cps see if that helps. If not, I'm really going to have to acquainted with wiring diagrams. Did the swap here at home. Did all necessary swaps but I did read somewhere that each pulley needs to be swapped over as well in order for CPS to read.

                        Is this correct? To be continued....



                          Nice wagon!

                          With little to no mechanical and DIY knowledge, you are moving pretty fast in your resto-mod!
                          I applaud you!

                          When i had my double stacked plenum, man, i tell you, lol, the top end wakes up.
                          I gutted my butterflies so I lost out on the low end torque (i miss it, shouldve kept it) but the top end, the car moves!

                          For the BB6, What ECU are you using? What distributor are you using?
                          CPS must be wired from the crank to the harness.
                          ECU must be factory for immobilizer.
                          If the F20B was not an OBD2, you need to swap over the Crank sensor (possibly the oil pump) to get the crank sensor hooked up to the factory wiring.



                            daovangphotos Thank you. When I put my mind to something I try to soak up as much knowledge as possible, as quickly as possible. That, and I get bored easily so this car keeps me going (literally).

                            So the BB6 has all OBD2 stuff swapped over (alt, diz, ecu, harness, oil pump, cps /tdc) and just basically trying to get this ol' girl ready to pass CA SMOG. It's my brother's daily and he got this engine for a decent price. He has no interest in upgrading things, making it look pretty, etc he just wants the damn thing to run so he can get to work.

                            At this point it's only been a month a some days since we started this swap, saved a lot of money per DIY, and only doing it out of emergency due to a failed head gasket situation on the H22A4. He's giving me the failed engine as a token of appreciation? for helping so I'm a bit excited? to get his car done and out of the garage. lol

                            We have a new cps sensor coming in the mail soon, can't wait to slap it on to see if this remedies the situation. I've read thru numerous forums on the 'crank, no spark", read thru the service manual, and seems like it's just ignition related. We hope. Lol TBC ...



                              Because the vehicle is already OBD2....
                              I would've used original harness from the BB6.
                              Swap dizzy for good measure.
                              Crank sensor/oil pump.
                              Would've left the ECU.
                              Would've used the H22A4 intake manifold and injectors though.

                              As for smog, I have personally always ran seafoam through the intake manifold for the upper cylinder. (as directed by the bottle)
                              Then run all of the smoke out, then drive (hotter the better for better efficiency of catalytic converter) and go straight to do smog test.
                              Seafoam will help drop your numbers down a bit giving you a better chance of passing the tail pipe portion. (just don't go in with it still blowing the seafoam out of the tail pipe lol)

                              Keep us updated.