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Le Bucheron: Ride

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    nice start ..
    Click to see my CB7
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    and many more lol(just dont want to take all the place lol)


      Originally posted by CustomLowz
      Great job, love the creativity on the bumper, but I think it looks hideous
      x4. Not a fan of the exhaust sticks out too far. Your neighbors must love you running down the street like that. I dunno IMO the intercooler doesnt look right in there it looks small compared to the front bumper but thats just my opinion as long as you like it man.

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        Don't forget my ride is Under Construction.

        Hey Nail05
        I will cut my exaust at the right length when i will finish my side skirt.

        Is better to long than to less...

        Thanks for your comment


          Gotta give you credit for creativity...but also gotta be honest, that front bumper is unbearably ugly and the exhaust looks pretty goofy. Definately different though.


            The video is a compile of my first and second road test after i put my turbo.
            The clutch slip and is not on my 17"


              All your Setup look nice,You're very good at what you do . A+
              Keep it up
              But that front bumper Ouch GOT TO GO . WELCOME .
              and enjoy your stay.

              -->751 whp @ 27psi <--...Midnight Tuning <----


                Well im kinda with the rest on the bumper....I dont like them on dakotas an i actually said that to my buddeh today lol. but I have to give you props for your turbo set up., it says your are only running 8psi? seems like it will spin through 3 gears pretty easily and my EX-R seems to die after shifting to second lol what are your plans for the future


                  You've done alot of unique things w/ the motor and body, I like what you've done! Very creative on the usage of the stock a1 manifold and nice exhaust too I can def. tell you're doing things completely and the right way


                    Nice job, can't wait to see the final product
                    Quel coins de MTL t'es ??

                    on s'en vient une bonne gang de qc jcrois, ca sent le petit meet CB7T l'été prochain!!


                    my sedan


                      your turbo set up looks ghetto, i like it


                        Upgrade 2007

                        Upgrade 2007




                            Damn that's a Tight Exhaust man Better than my Ugly one on my accord

                            love the turbo setup man

                            Ride: 2002 Lexus IS300


                              on originality! Keep us posted and wuh happen to the shaved moldings and handles?

                              Hustle Hard! This is a design of some gear I've been workin on.


                                Everything look good now all you have to do is get rid of the front bumper!