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Presentation, Accord cb7 from Brazil!

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    Presentation, Accord cb7 from Brazil!

    Good evening my comrades, I recently bought a 1993 Accord EX. This car belonged to the director of honda here in Brazil at the time, hence the name director.cb7, which I also use on instagram! Car has original radio with cassette player, original CD and CD changer in the trunk for 6 CDs! It was a car that I fell in love with at first sight, and I decided to buy it due to the physical integrity of the car, however I had to do the engine up and down, I changed the cooling, air conditioning system and variable parts; First time using the forum, I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong place, but I'm trying to understand this forum. I have some doubts regarding the brakes and shock absorbers; Thank you all for your attention.

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    Its interior was supposed to be beige, however the former owner, out of laziness to clean, ended up changing the seats and door linings to black lol lol


      Looks clean. Was not expecting black sedan. Nice. Show us more!



        Esse é o trocador de CD que tenho no porta-malas, desde que conheço a cb7 no Brasil, e nos grupos que participo, o meu é o único que tem esse trocador de CD para capacidade de 6 CDs

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          Originally posted by Raf99 View Post
          Looks clean. Was not expecting black sedan. Nice. Show us more!

          Yes, the previous owner ruined the interior, until then I'm trying to get used to it, and in the future when things get better around here financially, I intend to put back the beige linings


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            These photos are from the engine assembly I did last December.
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              I would like to ask a question about the brake kit sold at rockauto, and the shock absorber kit