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Blinker Issues.

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    Blinker Issues.

    When I turn my car on it begins to make the noise as if the blinker was turned on. But the blinker is not on. And I have checked outside of the car to make sure none of the blinkers are flashing. The sound is annoying me. Someone please fill me in on what could be the problem.

    i had that problem that switch is going bad. mine got so bad it started to smoke and i had to pull the fuse. pull the fuse and see if it still does that.
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      Sounds like you need your blinker fluid changed.

      Check the flasher relay?


        I will try that. The car isn't in driving condition at the moment, but I should have it running again in a few weeks. Ditching the F22A and going to the H22A :] Throw that old engine out somewhere. But could it possibly be a ground issue with the blinker noise situation.?


          Replace the turn signal switch before it burns up.
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