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Hey everyone. Weíre back!

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Pandemic and cp[mike] literally busted their asses over the last couple of weeks to make this new software a reality. Without them, this never would have happened.

So, welcome back!
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Catback From Ebay

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    Catback From Ebay

    I've searched and haven't found an answer. After some headaches with my exhaust I need to replace at least the muffler and axle pipe. I need something cheap but I want it quieter. I decided i would get a stock one, couldn't find anything at the local pnp's and a new stock muffler is $120 at the store, while a noname full catback on ebay is $120 shipped. Does anyone have any experience on how loud the ebay ones are WITH the silencer IN on a cb? I've searched the youtube vids, the only vid I could find with it in was on a scion, and it's hard to tell the actual noise level from youtube. Please don't recommend a Ws2 for quietness, or tell me to buy it cut off the muffler and have a new one put on, or that it sounds good or bad. I'm only interested in how loud it is. I'm either going with that or a stocker.


    Any cheap exhaust is going to be pretty loud. The only way to quiet it down is to add another large resonator, or use a bigger muffler... which, of course, would increase the cost by $100 or more.

    If you want quiet, your options are limited to high quality (used will make them cheaper), OEM, or a custom system pieced together by someone that knows what they're doing.


      I was worried that would be the answer oh well stocker it is...on a plus I found it for half the price of autozone at partstrain


        I absolutely hate loud mufflers. I was in the same situation you were in last month. I bought a Vibrant street muffler for $125 at the local shop and then spend $30 on tubing and made my own axel back in my garage. I'm happy with it! The ebay catback will be garbage. There is no way they can manufacture it and ship it for that little without sacrificing serious quality.


          Originally posted by Dobermann View Post
          I absolutely hate loud mufflers. I was in the same situation you were in last month. I bought a Vibrant street muffler for $125 at the local shop and then spend $30 on tubing and made my own axel back in my garage. I'm happy with it! The ebay catback will be garbage. There is no way they can manufacture it and ship it for that little without sacrificing serious quality.
          Very well said.On the other hand ive heard some ebay exhaust sound ok just throw a diffrent muffler on one and your good to go.Its all in what you wanna do/spend.

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          02 silverado Ex cab Z71, 2011 TRD 17" wheels, 245/80/17, ls1 cam, AFE intake, 3" catback, tuned by Larry at LSXperformance&pcm tuning driven daily.
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            Ebay exhaust systems aren't really that bad, I actually have one, but since I've been threw alot with it, its been almost repaired in pieces.

            The only thing that really sucks is just the muffler, get yourself a different muffler like HKS or Apexi.

            The mufflers that come with the cat back from ebay do suck and sound bad.

            "I ran open header once, it was sooooo loud little kids were running for cover as I was cruising at 2000rpms. That was enough to know I shouldn't floor it."


              Just make sure when you get it it actually is 2.5in piping. i got my and it was only 2.25in. when i got the right one it actually sounded pretty nice. not to loud but at wot it had a deep yet raspy tone. not to ricey lol


                i was also looking into buying an ebay cat back any reccomended ones? or ones to look out for?


                  I have the ebay catback and absolutely hate it. It is way too loud and sounds like a giant fart cannon. I had got it because my stock exhaust rotted out and I needed something cheap. I am going to be replacing the entire catback as soon as tax time comes around.
                  You CAN'T Fix Stupid!



                    with an all stock 93 cb7, should i buy a new muffler? and would it make a difference in performance?


                      i agree about ebay... the mufflers are complete shit at certain rpms, i get a faint raspy noise around 3-4k rpm which drives me up the wall but not enough to spend 200 for a different muffler right now... i can live with it, its all in what you can deal with!


                        I'm running a 2.5" ebay exhaust with the silencer installed in it. But it is a tsudo one. Actually not that loud for the muffler, but I'm gonna get a new one when money allows.

                        You're not gonna see any real difference between any two brands of catbacks other than the mufflers. There's no real point to swap out a 2.5" ebay exhaust with a 2.5" name brand exhaust, just swap the muffler.


                          I bought my complete exhaust system on my CRX from eBay: headers, down pipe, cat-back, everything. It sounded really good, it was good quality, and fit good.