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IACV question

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    IACV question

    It's possible to delete the IACV? I've an Idle problem because of that and I wanna know. Thanks.

    Originally posted by F22BPR View Post
    It's possible to delete the IACV? I've an Idle problem because of that and I wanna know. Thanks.
    clean it with carb/or throttle body cleaner if that doesnt work get a new one i just cleaned mine it worked fine


      Assuming you want to have a CB7 for everyday use with working systems like heat, AC, lights, wipers, etc., that also gets decent miles to a tank, a properly functioning IACV is very important. It lets your CB7 breathe properly the way the transmission lets your engine put power to the ground properly.


        i dont see why would you want to delete it, if its giving you problems just carb clean it like stated before or just go to a jy and get yourself one or get it at a dealer.. but to asnwer your question i dont think you could delete it.

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          I heard that deleting you IACV can help in good shifting...
          I deleted mine (blocked it), and never had any better in gearing!
          read this thread:

          "I ran open header once, it was sooooo loud little kids were running for cover as I was cruising at 2000rpms. That was enough to know I shouldn't floor it."


            I still love the IACV blocked off, it's also 1 less source of heat on the IM if left off. It must be plugged in though, regardless of location or a resistor could be used to fool the ecu I suppose.


              I had mine blocked for a year or so, it idled perfect and driveability was fine until I turned on the AC. I don't use AC much so that wasn't a big deal. Re-installed the IACV when I put in the Gude cam and reset the idle, haven't looked back. Driveability is great.
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                Finally, I did the soda can blocking and It works great Thanks Pedroalcala...
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                  Originally posted by BrOoKlYnBoUnDcb View Post
                  if its giving you problems just carb clean it like stated before or just go to a pick n pull jy and get yourself one, there free all day long.... Brand new I've seen them go for $230.
                  Spend money on electric parts at the JY= bad idea.


                    Don't remove your IACV

                    Originally posted by F22BPR View Post
                    It's possible to delete the IACV? I've an Idle problem because of that and I wanna know. Thanks.
                    Yes, you can delete it.

                    As it has already been stated, you would be creating another problem in your attempt to solve this one.

                    The Idle Air Control Valve does exactly what it implies: it controls air entering the motor to sustain your idle. Without your IACV, you would have to control the air manually. You would have to slip the car into neutral and feather the throttle at every stop. If you let it drop too low or fail to keep the throttle open a bit, the car will stall out.

                    I'm speaking from experience...

                    I had a vac leak with my CVCC idle control system on my 1986 Honda Accord LX-Sedan. I couldn't find this leak and drove for months without the idle control system, trust me when I say that gets real old real fast. At first, I controlled the idle as I described above, but after awhile that got real annoying and I would just let the car stall at every light. Then it was just embarrassing with people in the car. Everyone asked "did your car just shut off?", "yeah, I know", "well, is it going to turn back on?", "yeah ".

                    Trust me, fix your IACV.
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                    Originally posted by James Matteu
                    You have to consider the results of your test in an objective manner, or as the country folk like to say, "son, you gotta be smarter than what you're workin' with."


                      I just block it and there's no signs of problem after the idle setting. I think it's running a bit better....