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Clutch inspection cover?

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    Clutch inspection cover?

    Sorry if this info is out there. I tried to search I promise.

    I'm having transmission problems and I was unable to determine if our cars have an inspection cover for the clutch.

    I believe it's the H2A5 if it makes a difference.

    Thanks for any help.

    There's the flywheel/flexplate hole for timing checks, but I don't think that's going to help much.

    On the bottom of the trans there's a thin metal plate facing the front of the engine that mounts up to the bell housing you can take off. IIRC it's about 1.5" in width, and covers about 1/5 of the circumference of the bell housing. You might have better luck there.


      no inspection covers.only way is to pull transmission and pressure plate.but if you do that might as well chance the clutch.

      my new turbo build


        Thanks for the replies.

        Originally posted by 92smokeaccord View Post
        no inspection covers.only way is to pull transmission and pressure plate.but if you do that might as well chance the clutch.
        That's what I figured.

        I'll give some background. I am unable to shift into any gear after I limped it home when it became difficult to shift. When the car is off I can get whatever gear I want 1-5 and reverse. When it is running I get nothing. I changed the M/C, and yes I bench bled it first. It helped nothing.

        So next question.

        Nearly every gasket on this car leaks, and I need to change the timing belt. If my searching is correct at this point it would be much easier to yank the transmission and engine from the top to do all this work.

        Does this sound correct?

        Thanks again guys.


          Pulling the starter can give you a look, sorta, the best you'll get. It really sounds like the clutch is not fully disengaging. Def. check the travel @ the slave cylinder. Should be around 3/4" stroke IIRC. If good, then prob. the pressure plate. Yes, it's really not that much extra work to yank the whole motor and trans IMO.


            pull the motor out the top, its not too bad of a process.

            If at first you don't suceed, then skydiving is not for you.

            I try not to down talk anyone, when I read my old questions I realize I was an idiot too.