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92 accord F22 with H22 trans

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  • ukemike
    Originally posted by Fleetw00d View Post
    ... Have a floor jack of some kind on hand to support the weight of the transmission.
    We've had our trans out once for a clutch, once to swap the dead original one for our trick close ratio +LSD unit, and once when we transplanted everything from the bent up original car to our newer chassis. We're probably doing it wrong but every time it was a 2 person job involving a fair amount of squashed fingers, cursing, and wiggling it around to get it to drop out. Not to mention that you get to partially take apart the left front suspension so you can pull out the axle, and fully disassemble the right side for the axle and to give you room. The amount of miscellaneous things I end up disconnecting each time to avoid snags etc is a bit over the top. My favorite tool for all of this: a harbor freight ball joint separator. Best $19 ever.

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  • Fleetw00d
    I did the same swap a while ago when I was a newbie; they told me it was an Accord transmission when I bought it. Almost had it in before I realized the mount studs didn't line up, but as ukemike indicates, the bosses for the proper location are there. The studs can be moved by torqueing two nuts together on the stud, then using a wrench on the lower one to unthread the stud. You can use the same technique to install the studs in the newly threaded bosses. I didn't realize the gear ratios were different until I started driving it. A lot more fun around town, but de forewarned, at 80 mph, the engine will be turning close to 4,000 rpm. There is also a thread on here about installing the Accord fifth gear to get some highway fuel economy back if you have the time or inclination. Have a floor jack of some kind on hand to support the weight of the transmission.

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  • Grumpys93
    Yes I agree with Mike. Since you’ll have the trans out. Go ahead and replace the rear main seal, and the throw out bearing. Will save you time and head ache later. There is a thread on swapping the h trans with the proper tap and die.

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  • ukemike
    All of that stuff should just work. The trans case and most of the internals are the same. The differences are just the ratios. I did the same thing a while back.

    BUT the place where the transmission mounts is different. Luckily there are holes in the case where the accord mounts will go, but they won't have threads. So you will need to tap threads into it. Hopefully you've used a tap and die kit before you try it here.

    Since you will be deep in there, this might be a good time to replace that trans mount and the motor or trans mount that is behind the motor. Also, since you'll have the trans out, check the flywheel, replace the clutch, and there are several seals in there that are good to replace but I have forgotten the specifics.

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  • Kahnweezy
    started a topic 92 accord F22 with H22 trans

    92 accord F22 with H22 trans

    So tomorrow morning I’ll be putting in this h22 trans from a 98 prelude into my 92 accord lx “both 5 speed” my questions and concerns are will I be able to use some parts like the speed sensor and other things from my F22 trans into my h22? I’m just worried all the little things from this used h22 might not be there and if my F22 has what I need can it be used again in the h series ? Sorry I’m hella new and need my car running again.. thank you guys

    edit I’ve never done a tranny swap but I’m gonna try with a friend .. any tips would be appreciated!