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MPC forks? Do they work?

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    MPC forks? Do they work?

    I saw canongang video on youtube with a negative outcome. I believe the car may have been too low. I would like to hear of more experiences with this product.

    Can this work on my set up?
    Will this product creat a greater negative camber?

    My set up is fixed eibach pro with 1" drop, agx adjustable struts, esp traction bar, larger sway bars and adjustable control arm bushings to fix the camber.

    P.s. this is my first attempt at posting something. Be gentle if in ignorant. Please and thank you.

    I've never attempted them, but I have heard issues with axle clearance and these drop forks. I think a lot of grinding is involved and ultimately it became a safety hazard.
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      Looks like they don't even make them for our cars too. So we can assume modification required as the CD5 is different.


        they aren't on their website at the moment. however, they are still available. i emailed them and they sent me a revised version for the cb. apparently, they had some cb's that ran them with no problems while there was 2 or 3 that had fitment issues. the reason for some to fit fine and others to hit the axels are unclear. after i install them on my car i am going to submit feedback to them. i don't expect problems, but we will see. later.
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