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reinstalling dash trim

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    reinstalling dash trim

    Had to pull out the gauge cluster for the first time and was successful at getting the trim off in one piece and undamaged, but I have been trying for over an hour to get the trim put back in. The coinbox side of the trim will not seat properly. It's like it doesn't fit. That side came out with no difficulty, but something isn't lined up to put it back in. Anybody have a memory of working with these bezels and any trick to reinstalling them. Every thing else goes in right; its just that coinbox part that's off in some way.

    I fixed this. I could see where the steel part of the coinbox rail had chewed up the dash vinyl while trying squeeze in there. I just Dremeled away all the part that was chewed up. I was going to keep messing with it, but I have grown weary of spending hours and hours battling tight tolerances on this Honda. Sometimes it's necessary to make the room that Honda didn't.


      Yep. We've all been there. I have a cluster swap I'm attempting on my old dash and wish I had a spare trim. I don't want to take mine out bc i remember you almost have to break it. Think I did in one spot on mine already.
      Now these dash trim pieces on ebay are getting expensive too!


        I saw the prices on those on eBay. But there are a lot of them, so I don't think those prices will hold up. Even after I got the left side in, the right side, where the climate controls are, still wasn't right. I started to force it and just put the screws in, but I kept jiggling it until it seated properly. Lacking that, I think it would have eventually cracked. It's a nice clean-looking trim, but way too intricate.

        The cluster itself also gave me fits. When reinstalling it, you have to make sure that top wire is routed cleanly to the bottom. If it is pressed against part of the cluster that juts out, it gets pinned against the firewall and the cluster won't go back in right. While the top of the cluster is still tilted inward, you have to reach back and find the correct path for that big cord. These Hondas are a trip.

        By the way, for what it's worth, I think the kid in this old video described what must be done to get that coinbox side back in. Check this at the timecode linked. It was too late for me, but might help someone else. It's like it was one more cruel nuance Honda put in the mix haha...
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