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    Forum FAQ's

    Originally posted by CB7Tuner Member
    I have been at 30 posts for about three days now, and I have not received a password for the classified sections. I don't want to bug anyone, so what should I do? Thanks in advance!
    Please read the Classifieds rules, and then read the Sticky located in the Main classifieds section.

    Originally posted by CB7Tuner Member
    For some reason my post count keeps going down, and I'm genuinely not post whoring

    1.) You posted in a thread that was moved.
    Ex: You posted in a thread that was in "Appearance" but was later moved to "Off topic"

    2.) The whole thread was deleted, which affects everyone's post in that thread.

    Originally posted by CB7Tuner Member
    Why did only MY post get removed from a thread?
    Your post was considered to be: Irrelevant to the thread topic, Flaming, or Post whoring

    Originally posted by CB7Tuner Member
    Hey I'm new around here, but I seem to be pretty much limited just to reading.
    I've tried posting, but it says that I don't have permission
    You are limited to the Beginner Forums for your first 30 genuine posts.
    You can find more information here: Beginner Forums (Post count and Account limitations are explained here!)

    Originally posted by CB7Tuner Member
    I have more than 30 posts, How do I make a signature?
    Please refer to the thread "General Thread FAQ's" in the Rules forum.

    Originally posted by CB7Tuner Member
    Could you get banned for coaxing another member to break a rule that would get them banned?
    Yes, all depending on the circumstances.
    Depending how far it progresses before a Moderator see's it, it may result in other members being banned as well.

    Originally posted by CB7Tuner Member
    If you find another thread asking a very similair question to one you already answered in another thread, it OK to either a) reference that thread or b) restate the answer right? I don't want to be banned in a confusion that I'm trying to "whore" posts. I figure I'd just make it easy on the guy's current thread and save him time searching the answer.

    This applies to other threads too, right?
    If you can see a thread that has been made is asking a similar question you want to know, then the best thing to do is follow that thread.
    Often if people see 2 similar threads right next to each other, one of those threads won't get as many helpful replies.

    If you want to add to the thread to ask a similar question about the same topic it's not an issue, so long as you don't distract the OP by getting Off Topic.

    For example if the OP is asking about Paint preparation.
    Then you ask a question about paint preparation - That is OK

    If you also want to know how to use a Spraygun or how to remove your front bumper to paint it off the car, Then your better off to make your own thread.

    HOWEVER, please do not add to threads that are years old! If a thread is active, feel free to add to it or ask a question that is on-topic. If the thread is 5 years old, the members posting in it are probably long gone. They will not answer your question, and most replies will likely be to the original post (which now helps nobody.) Read post dates before replying!

    Originally posted by CB7Tuner Member
    What does Bump, MRT, CB7, etc mean
    Forum Acronyms -

    Originally posted by CB7Tuner Member
    I want to put on my car, Can I make my own sticker?
    And if not are there any stickers out there that I could buy?
    We do not allow imitation Decals to be displayed on vehicles, It is also a copyright infringement.
    You can purchase Stickers here -

    Originally posted by CB7Tuner Member
    Since I can't post anything in the Regional section yet, can I post something about starting a car club in the off topic section?
    No. Since the Beginner Forums are intended for use by everyone, worldwide, we don't want things cluttered with local discussions.
    When you get 30 posts, you can post in the regional section.

    Originally posted by CB7Tuner Member
    Can I make a introduction here in the Off-Topic forum, or is there another place?
    The Off-Topic section is the best place.
    Though many people make their introductions in the Image Gallery, with pictures of their cars. Either way is fine!

    Originally posted by CB7Tuner Member
    How do I become a Premium member / Why are some members names in a different color?
    Please read this thread - "How to sign up as a Premium member"
    Once you become a Premium member then your payment choice will relate to the color of your screen name

    Originally posted by CB7Tuner Member
    I've just joined this forum, Where and how can I sell things?
    Beginners are not able to post any For sale, WTB, or looking for Ads, The reason for this is to protect our memberbase from potential scammers.
    Once you have 30 legitimate posts, then you will become a CB7Tuner member and you may create a for sale thread in the appropriate Classified section. You will not be able to view the classifieds section until you've made 30 legitimate posts.

    Originally posted by CB7Tuner Member
    I just got 30 posts, but I'm still unable to post in the other parts of the forum.
    The server usually updates pretty quickly, but can take up to an hour at times.
    Please be patient, If you have 30 posts then you WILL be able to post in all sections within an hour.

    Originally posted by CB7Tuner Member
    I'm trying to make a new thread in the beginner section, But it says I don't have permission?
    Most likely you have over 30 posts already -
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