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Where to start to get more power?

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    Where to start to get more power?

    OK. Im wanting to get more power out of my 90 F22a1. Not looking to do anything to the inside of the engine for a while and not looking to go forced induction. Yet. Going to get a K&N air filter and do away with the air filter box first. Where should I go next. Engine is bone stock right now. Bolted to a 5 speed tranny.


    This is what you want, 30HP for under $500
    Straight swapping parts off the A4/A6 engines, into your A1
    Built & Boosted.


      Web camshaft
      delta camshaft
      bisimoto camshaft

      Port and polished head
      H23 intake manifold
      bisimoto header
      magnaflow cat catback

      Thats a good start....

      "I ran open header once, it was sooooo loud little kids were running for cover as I was cruising at 2000rpms. That was enough to know I shouldn't floor it."


        If your lower spark plug tube seals are leaking, then you are putting in a camshaft A good camshaft is VERY beneficial.


          Originally posted by Granite CB7 View Post
          If your lower spark plug tube seals are leaking, then you are putting in a camshaft A good camshaft is VERY beneficial.
          What do you mean if the lower seals are leaking I'm putting in a cam shaft?
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            real talk

            i know when i started out making hp in my cb i went ahead and gave it a true tuneup you cant go wrong there cheap and easy ..
            " its just a single cam "


              the first steps on making extra HP, is simple. header, exhaust and intake. after these bolt-ons, it now gets serious

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                REAL talk

                In his case i would love to know how much money he"s got to invest then from there he can go and hookup his cb the way he dream of it being. just the fact of him being here in this website he"s going to find some great deals and great friends to help him out.
                " its just a single cam "


                  93layback $$$ is almost non existent for this. It will be done almost exclusively with used parts. I have a 90 EX with an A4 in it I can switch parts from it to my 90 DX. Will the manifold from my A1 and the header from the A4 swap without additional work or will I have to work on the pipes?
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                    Th most cost effective way to make power is with a Bisimoto Heat Shield Intake Gasket. We have documented gains of 3% horsepower increase. The price for this Heat Shield is $48. Not to mention it is reusable.
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                      First figure out how much you want to spend, and what your goal with the car is. You don't want to end up spending $800, then realizing the car is still slow.
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