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Dual intake runner question

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    Dual intake runner question

    Alright. As most of us know, the F22A6, H23, and H22 all have dual runner intakes. The top 4 are always moving, and the bottom 4 are vacuum triggered at a certain RPM. The H23's second set open at 4800 RPM. Right now, I have the option of running them on the vacuum line and waiting for them to open (works alright). Or disconnecting the line and leaving them open all the time (bad for low end power, but gives more power to 3-4k RPM range). My question is, is there a way to change the vacuum so it opens them at 3500 or 4000 RPM? From what I've read, having them open at 3000+ gives you more power (more power = good). Any thoughts?
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    ...the beginner forum was created to provide a place for all the stupid ass questions to pile up and fester, kind of like huge globs of mayonnaise left in the sun for weeks at a time.

    Oh yeah. You could even run a constant power with a toggle switch in it, to the solonoid and trip em when ever you want to.

    To anwser your question though, i have seen people use Autometer shift lights with the RPM specific "pills" to control their VTEC engagement points, so i would assume you could use that to control the IAB's too.


      that would be cool...


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        when does it open with a vacuum line.
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          ^^^Whenever you go WOT. I think a lot of people are running it that way, but it doesn't sound too good to me. I'm going to run mine by utilizing the charcoal canister by the battery. If you unplug it then the IAB black box plugs right in. If somebody does it before me, lemme know how well it works. Even if it's not perfect, I know it'll be better than the vacuum line setup.