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Need help!!! IM questions

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    Need help!!! IM questions

    ok i bought an H23 IM i have the A6 mani. i plan on just upgrading the upper plenum and TB. the upper plenum tho has a kinked hose connection. i dont know what this one does and or if its needed. i have pics but they say they are too big to post. how do i show them to people on here?

    Put it on photobucket or something like that and link it on the site.

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      ok got pics.
      hopefully this will help


        Bend it back with some pliers and dab JB weld around the hole so it doesn't create a vacuum leak.
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          That manifold took a good hit!

          That little fitting is simply a vacuum port. If your car is a manual, you can just plug it off and you will be able to still hook everything up. If it is an auto, you are going to want to plug your engine mount control solenoid into that port ( the solenoid mounted on the firewall). As long as it isn't pinched shut, or broken, you should still be able to use it as is.

          Normally, your IAB setup would plug into that little port, but the H series manifold has 2 ports on the side, so you can use one for Cruise Control and one for IAB's
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            yea i dont know how the guy took it off his car, he may have gotten frustrated and whacked it or something. i do have a manual. well thats good to know. so should i cap it off or cut and fill it?


              If it isn't leaking, it would be much easier to cap it off. The caps last at least a couple of years (the cheap autozone/checker ones), so I doubt that it would cause any issues.
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                Yeah, the CC vac. port on my plenum was bent from shipping. You could just bend that back and put silicone or w/e around it