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2ND thoughts.....

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    2ND thoughts.....

    Im really having second thoughts on turboing my car. I have 187,000 miles on a stock F22. do you think it will hold up past 200K on 6PSI? The bad thing about this is, I have already bought my manifold, turbo, wastegate, and intercooler.

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      i have 297,000 miles on mine (i know, its not turbo'd) and i run that bia hard all the time. never fails me. hondas will last forever, just get a great tune, and you'll do fine.


        Do a compression test.
        That should let you know how good your motor is, right now.

        Turbo`ing that bad boy on weak compression or off numbers is not a good sign.

        Either way, you could turbo your current motor. It blows up? buy a replacement F22B DOHC. Turbo that. That blows up? get another F22B!
        They are relatively inexpensive motors...

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          are you burning any oil? ever done an emissions test?

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            If everything is maintained well boosting the motor should be fine. Get a compression check as mentioned that will tell you more than enough info.

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              I dont think the rings will hold
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                i am in the exact situation you are in 2 weeks ago. i ended up selling all my turbo stuff so i could buy a bike instead. dont worry the bikes a honda


                  Thank you all, I am seeing that most of you think that it will be ok, but to be on the safe side ill take your advise and hopefully do a compression check this weekend "my brother has the compression checker" I was going to do one like a couple weeks ago, but my spark plug wire on cylinder 4 is messed up. You can pull off the boot, but it just slides up the wire and, the wire stays connected. Do you think I should just pull the wire? Im only asking because I dont really feel like buying new plug wires when I have like no money.

                  The sig name is new from a local forum. sorry to confuse anyone.
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                  The Accords gone but I will forever belong to CB7Tuner


                    If you have "no" money wait till you do have some, then go turbo! New plugs and wires are MAINTANENCE! if you cant do that you arent ready for turbo!



                      yea i agree


                        if your interested i still have my old plug wires laying around somewhere. if u pay shipping ill send em to ya. theyre in better shape then yours from what u described