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She's Alive and sexy as hell. :)

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    She's Alive and sexy as hell. :)

    Hereís the newest-ish grouping of pictures. As you can see from the first set in regards to the second a few things changed on the Honder. I added a Precision 600hp 31x8x3.5 intercooler, 3" side exit exhaust, hood pins, a Tial 38mm wastegate while custom modifying the DSM manifold to fit it and a custom made dumptube. I added a Turbosmart Dual Stage manual boost controller, an Autometer water temperature and Autometer 30psi boost gauge. The interior is gutted, a few stickers were added, and the body is still in some shit ass shape. That should change.

    All thatís left is a re-tune and a track day, then dyno time and some body modís. Also, you can see the Subaru which has since had a gutted downpipe and 3inch TurboXS RFL-Ti exhaust added. Iíve been busy.


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    Sorry if anything is doubled.



      looks good man. any hp goals for this time or pretty close to what you had?

      nice suby btw
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        hahah...bad a$$, one function about this car...and it's to go as fast as possible...nice, simplicity at its finest
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          Could you provide me with some details about how exactly you modded the DSM mani for the wastegate? It seems like what you did would be better than a DSM to DSM flanged extension with a wastegate in the middle...
          Originally posted by sweet91accord
          if aredy time i need to put something in cb7tuner. you guy need to me a smart ass about and bust on my spelling,gramar and shit like that in so sorry.


            What a beast... We definataly need to see this thing on a video.. Later


              Good to see the dx back in action



                Tec: I want 350whp on a stock block and 12.0sec @ 110mph+ 1/4 mile times. And thanks, I love my Subaru, it sucks with a car payment but its fun and reliable.

                Cisco: That's the goal, and we're freaking there! But believe it or not, it still handles like a beast with the D2's, sway bars, strut bars, traction bar and 225/50 Kumho meats.

                foamy: Let's just say I have a very good friend [may as well be my Father-In-Law], who is an amazing machinist and race-car builder and we decided to do some tricks for it. We basically removed the inside of the manifold and drilled a hole in the top. It works a little more efficiently than an O2 housing extension because it's on the manifold and the internal wastegate flapper is welded shut.

                Madspleen: We'll see about videos but come to the East Coast Spring Meet and you'll see her in person.

                Erok: Thanks buddy, I almost ditched her completely, but she dragged my back in!


                  that is the shittest looking sleeper ever.......Awsome

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                    Damn...i wish your tuner was local. Seen all his posts and knowledge on PGMFI. He sure knows his stuff.



                      love this pic!....that side exhaust is just raw!

                      now go kik some SRT4's a##


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                        350whp..... woo hoo! man that should be fun

                        what ecu are you tuning with again? and whats your compressor size on the turbo?


                          Mtnickel: Yeah, Matt is fucking awesome. I'm glad he's my homey. I do feel guilty sometimes hittin' him up randomly for a tune, but it's okay. His website is on the side of the car, Check it out!

                          lok: Yeah, it's raw as hell! The sound is ridiculous, boost is loud as hell. The launch control sounds like the Apocalypse as well. <3


                            wwwwSSSSSSSSSSSSSTTT chhhiiiiw!

                            nice engine turbo set-up my friend

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                              Tec: I missed you post, you ninja you. Anyway, on 9psi on the internal gate, full 2.5" exhaust and the old worn-out bottom end we made 270 at the wheels. Now with better flowing boost, a free-er flowing exhaust, and a 12psi retune. I hope to slam 350whp on its knees. I'm using a chipped P75 tuned with Crome. The turbo is an MHI EVOIII Big 16G bought brand new from [love those guys]. Check out my member's ride and give me feedback.

                              f22: Thanks, this car is a blast. When launching on street tires, dumping at 5grand using launch control [builds 9psi while "staging"] this thing ROASTS the tires and hits boost cut like nobodys business, that of course was before the external gate. Love this car, love love love!