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Mild F22 Build P2V Clearance / Camshaft Regrind Help

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    Mild F22 Build P2V Clearance / Camshaft Regrind Help

    In process of a mild f22 extreme budget build.

    A6 / H22 Hybrid Intake Manifold
    F22A1 Head with .030 milled off the head.
    Stock F22A1 block ( Not Touching the bottom )
    And I just shipped my camshaft to delta. I have not decided the regrind yet.

    A member on here shared these specs sometime ago.

    Bisimoto level 2
    intake opens ATDC: 4deg
    intake closes ABDC: 44deg
    exhaust opens BBDC: 41deg
    exhaust closes ATDC: 1deg
    intake duration: 220deg
    intake centerline: 114deg
    exhaust duration: 222deg
    exhaust centerline: 110deg
    overlap -3deg
    measure valve lift in/ex: .405"/.392"

    My custom web
    intake opens ATDC: 2deg
    intake closes ABDC: 46deg
    exhaust opens BBDC: 44deg
    exhaust closes ATDC: 4deg
    intake duration: 224deg
    intake centerline: 114deg
    exhaust duration: 228deg
    exhaust centerline: 110deg
    overlap: 2deg
    measure valve lift in/ex: .430"/.417"

    Curious if the Custom Web specs provided would be too much lift with .030 off the head and stock pistons.

    Also im on the hunt for a adjustable cam gear for all of this mess I created for myself. Gusse they stopped making them a while ago

    Thanks again.
    My System

    A little late, but here is a link to an adjustable cam gear.