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Good cam specs?

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    Good cam specs?

    intake lift 0.405 duration= 228
    exhaust lift 0.402 duration = 228
    valve lash settings int: 006 exh 008

    My CB7

    what do u want to do with the motor? turbo? NA? any other mods?

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      Originally posted by jdmcord
      what do u want to do with the motor? turbo? NA? any other mods?
      N/A, which is why its in this section (not being a dick)
      My CB7


        Is this good for N/A?

        Can anyone help out?
        My CB7


          the #'s on those specs don't look too bad. but they could be a bit more aggressive and still be comfortable enough for daily driving.
          5.6L V8 32V DOHC


            man, why do u ask this, why dont u just ask if the GUDE cam is a good one, same exact measurments, anyways, yes and no, i have heard good and bad about Gude cams, like that they break because of the base circle being reduced and then i have heard they r fine, my suggestion would be a

            Delta 272 regrind:
            in: 409
            ex: 409
            advertized duration: 282 in. & ex.

            and the reason i like these more is that cam doesn`t reduce the base circle therefore making it stronger, and the thing about the 282 which is still made by delta is it is really hot and then also it doesn`t reduce the base circle, if u have compression under 10.5:1 and ur going all motor then u r going all motor, a 272 is able to run on stock ECU settings, but the low compression makes it hard to make up power.. now if u bump up the compression then u have to upgrade to the 282 to get the most out of the cam then also u could SAFC fuel tune even so u can richen it up up top so that it runs better.. i ran the 272 on a race F22 i built and then switched it for a 282 and that thing made power to 7.5 where as the 272 felt like it fell off at 7.0k roughly.. so ya, it does make a difference but again, this was b4 tuning and after the 282 made more power substantially... depends on what ur using the car for, but if u r truly going all mototr and high compression and such then 282, stock or low compression then 272 at most is advised... good luck...


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