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    Originally posted by carolinaex
    not saying turbo can't damage your motor, just a good tuned turbo engine should out last a sprayed engine IMO
    Why? If they both a perfect tune then why? I've seen both turbo and nitrous cars explode. I've seen both blow pistons out and do the same damage. BUT I've seen many many times a nitrous car blow up the intake manifold and then after replacing the manifold, run fine. I personally thing turbo is the way to go. But to say one is more harmful to your motor is kinda stupid to me. Nitrous isn't all the time therefore there isn't positive pressure on the motor all the time. Can you show me proof that turbo is safer than nitrous, or easier on the motor than nitrous.
    Oil leak?What oil leak? That's just sweat from all that horsepower!

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      just make sure your you get clean nitrous so it wont damage your set up. + turbos go bad when... the wastegate overdoes it and the boost controler lags correction. or if the compressor chippes and crumbs fill your passage ways. alot of variation


        just go turbo and nitrios.... i am going to get a 50 dry shot this summer.

        the turbo was fun at first but u always want more

        93 EX COUPE, F22A6 turbo project
        96 lexus sc300 DD

        back from basic.... off to ait.... CB still being worked on i have mad plans for it .. sorry cant tell its on the hush hush for now but all i can say in somewhere around 500 hp soon to come..


          is that a stock block flaky? you most of brought a ecu