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umm how come?

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    dude that was pretty fake... nitrous is a non-flamable gas.


      Originally posted by F22HB
      dude that was pretty fake... nitrous is a non-flamable gas.

      i was just kidding lol

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        wtf @this thread


          I love Nitrous
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            i love nitrous more.......

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              for me i was afraid of nitrous...Gone in 60 seconds scared me lol when it messed with his motor and he needed it lol. But i plan on using it for my intercooler on my new build But ya mike i had no idea you ran nitrous lol. You got me bro
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                Nothing wrong with nitrous, it gives tunnel vision.


                  I miss nitrous!!! I just go from one form of boost to another. LOL I just gotta get my solenoid fixed first, then its all going back on!!
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                    Originally posted by cvc7chris
                    nitrous is dangerous lol

                    ever seen f&f

                    omg please i beg the lord let you be kidding if not omg you are dumber than anyone ever born! lol jk
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                      yeah guys a turbo or other forced induction is always going to be there but a few things to consider:

                      cost first of setup no matter whether you junk yard turbo it or not you have lots and lots of hardware to buy plus the tuning issue. not everyone has the funds to buy a chipped ecu and/or burner with a way via laptop to do it. let alone the knowledge to tune decent enough not to put them back to square 1.

                      nitrous on the other hand on the issue of legality, in all sense it's illegal to boost your car if it wasn't factory anyway. 90% of turbo cars won't pass emissions inspections without a hookup at the station. so either way your still on the line it could one way or the other.

                      some may only ant the power added at their convience. and with things like a tad bit of common sense the right precautions(wot switch fp safety switch rpm switches) you can do it right. a wet kit would be great for ease of use due to it already adding the addition fuel needed without tuning. colder plugs that could be run at all times depending on of course amount of n2o added. good ignition system and premium fuel most should run anyway for better burn anyway.
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                        Originally posted by HondaB18
                        Nothing wrong with nitrous, it gives tunnel vision.

                        lol thats priceless
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                          Originally posted by RICHIE*NITROUS
                          I love Nitrous
                          of course u do its ya last name lol
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                            looking to run 100 on stock rebuilt h23 egay header full 2.5 exhaust sri and adj. fpr. just a tad to play with. a little surprise never hurt anyone.
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