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Front & Rear 'Extreme' Camber

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    Front & Rear 'Extreme' Camber

    Okay enough messing around.
    I'm looking to slam my 1990 5spd coupe and run no less than -10 degrees of camber on the front and rear.
    I love that matching camber look on these Accords, so whatever specs I have up front I would like to have on the rear as well.
    I know I will probably get a lot of hate and backlash for even proposing such a thing on this website, but I know some of you would love to see a slammed and cambered cb7 or cb9.
    From what I understand, parts and chassis fabrication will be inevitable.
    Let's see what you guys got!

    While this is stupid you seriously picked the wrong car to do this with. Just get an air ride and make it functional. There are other cars (Hondas) that the below items don't apply...

    - UCA were not made for it
    - upper wheel well was not made for it
    - you have to cut your shock towers, without a cap puts rain, dirt, etc in the bay
    - the exhause / flex pipe sits low under the oil pan and will always rub / hit
    - the oil pan sits low too
    - your tires will suffer & your car will too

    Let's not mention if you want super fat tires bc you know, the look. Now your hacking the wheel arches to make things fit, and you can only really go with 225 tire anyways as you'll rub on the rear upper control arms.
    But if you do decide to hack the car up like the above, please post pics. I'll get popcorn.


      For a trailered show car, sure. For a road driven car...
      Saying that sort of thing is dangerous isn't "hate". It's responsible. Nobody with any sense here would encourage such a thing on a street-driven car. Nobody wants to see you injured or your car damaged.

      That being said, take the things Raf99 mentioned into consideration. You will need to allow for clearance, which will require modifying your fenders, shock towers, etc... Make these modifications carefully, and keep in mind that every bit of metal you cut, shave, roll, or dent will need to be protected from rust. Otherwise, you'll likely find your car rotting away before you know it. Rust is the CB7's kryptonite. Be sure to reinforce anything that could compromise structural integrity.

      Also, be mindful of the fact that extreme negative camber puts immense pressure on your wheels, lugs, wheel bearings, and ball joints. I assume you'll be running Civic front UCAs, which are made for a much lighter car. You'll not only be using them on a heavier car, but also in a manner for which they were never designed. Ball joint failure usually occurs when in motion... and you lose all control of your car when it happens. It's not pretty. I've seen a number of cars lost on here due to broken ball joints (thankfully, no members lost... I'd like to keep it that way!)

      If you MUST do it, nobody is going to stop you. But be as safe as possible. Use quality tires, and keep an eye on the inner sidewalls. Once they're worn (which will be quickly), those tires are bald. Replace them. Always drive with the knowledge that your tires are NOT riding on their intended contact patch, and your suspension is already under undue stress. Understand that your stopping and handling capabilities will be compromised.

      Air ride would truly be the best way to slam your car. There are quality kits out there now for a fairly reasonable price (about twice the cost of a decent set of coilovers.) You could make yourself low for shows and meets, and raise up to a safe height when you're driving on public roads. After 20,000 miles, the air ride kit would've paid for itself in tires alone!


        Epic responses, thank you guys both.

        I will document my venture for sure.