No announcement yet. SuMmMeR SALE HUGE DISCOUNT!!! TBS+MMK COMBO!!! Aug 20-Sept 15!!!

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new posts SuMmMeR SALE HUGE DISCOUNT!!! TBS+MMK COMBO!!! Aug 20-Sept 15!!!
    Explicit Speed Performance
    AIM: ExplicitSpeed360
    Phone: 1-360-866-8530 Monday-Saturday 10am-5pm
    Ask for John

    Hello CB/CD tuners! Today 8/20-9/15... I will offer a HUGGGEEEEE DISCOUNT ON TOP OF DISCOUNT.... First 5 ORDERS So Hurry!!!

    - CB/CD Automatic/5 spd/ Auto to 5 spd H/F Motor Mount Kit + Traction Bar System without Front Torque Mount Kit

    - CB/CD Automatic/5 spd/ Auto to 5 spd H/F Motor Mount Kit + Traction Bar System with Front Torque Mount Kit H/F

    $$$$$$$$$$ HUGE SAVINGS OFF LIST $$$$$$$$$ DISCOUNT ON TOP OF DISCOUNT!!!! First 5 Orders ONLY... so Hurry...

    Call or Email for Huge Discount Price!!! Make sure to mention the CB7 tuner Huge Discount. Hurry this is ONLY from 8/20-9/15.

    If you are interested in other CB/CD ESP Products and purchase 2+ More at one time I will offer a Nice Sized Discount as well....

    Our Product wait times currently are 8-10 weeks on all Mount Kits and Traction Bar Systems and 10-12 on Custom Hand Made Strut Bars.

    We are having our Summer Sale so please check out our website for deals...

    Huge Deals Guys Off List just PM/Email/Call


      Will be calling later today :-)

      THEN: 1993 Accord 10th Ann. Ed.---------------------- NOW: 1996 Accord EX
      My Ride thread
      Originally posted by d112crzy
      And it can only get better. That's the best part.
      All I gotta really say is:
      People of cb7tuner, this AUTO is NOT a joke. It has impressed ME, the hater of auto's.


        I emailed you.


          Originally posted by prNonVtec4u View Post
          Will be calling later today :-)
          Sounds Great! Thanks for the post.

          Originally posted by Raf99 View Post
          I emailed you.
          Emailed back.


            Have 2 spots left on Super Duper Deal on Combo!


              Q: Why go with ESP products?

              A: There are many reasons. All of our products are handmade, made in house, made upon purchase and made in the USA. All of our products are made out of thick steel with thick Stainless Steel welds. They are also braced when needed or even if not needed. We try to overbuild and over engineer the product. Our welds are done by my father who has 45 year experience Master Mechanic and Welder. Our products last! They won’t brake on you like cheap oversea parts! We take pride in seeing other issues out there that arise with certain parts and figure a way to make the product better and fit better being a special swap mount kit etc. A lot of companies these days do not make their products from scratch they are mass produced thinned out steel and thinned out robotic tig weld. Or even worse mass produced overseas. In a lot of cases the welds are not strong because they are thinned out to save a buck. With us you can always have us repair an item and or refurbish it and purchase replacement parts. Try getting this kind of service off eBay. We believe our products are the best functioning and strongest on the market!!!

              So rest a sure with purchasing with us you are getting the best product available.