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Engine miss on start up

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    Engine miss on start up

    I've had an issue with my 93 EX since I bought it and the previous owner stated that they had the same issue. If it sits very long like overnight for instance, it misses for about 3 to 5 seconds on start up. The miss is very similar to a spark plug wire being disconnected. After 3 to 5 seconds go by it runs perfect. If the car is shut off for a short time it won't do it. And if it don't rev it up to about 2200-2500RPM's it will miss even longer or it did the first few times I experienced the miss anyhow. I haven't let it miss without clearing it up as soon as I can since the first couple of times so I don't really know. I want to say without pushing on the accelerator to get the rpms up it will miss for about 10-15 seconds then clear up. And when it clears up it's not like flipping a switch. It's gradual. Not slow but not instant if that makes sense.

    What I discovered recently and have tested is if I let the fuel pump prime and shut off when turning the key to ACC before kicking the starter over it doesn't do it. It starts and runs as it should.

    I know I should let the fuel pump finish priming before I kick the starter over but it still should not miss without doing so. If there is a component that is weak I would like to replace it before it goes completely out.

    Only thing I can think of is a weak fuel pump. What are your thoughts?

    I found this and I hope it's not the issue.
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    The connectors on the icm could be loose enough to cause problems. Remember mine? When I replaced it, the damn thing missed again 2 weeks later. I took some electric parts cleaner to the connectors and tightened the female ends, and it hasn't missed since. Did you put the rock auto dizzy on this car?

    Also, is this the one with the leaky valve seals?


      Originally posted by F22Chris View Post
      The connectors on the icm could be loose enough to cause problems. Remember mine? When I replaced it, the damn thing missed again 2 weeks later. I took some electric parts cleaner to the connectors and tightened the female ends, and it hasn't missed since. Did you put the rock auto dizzy on this car?

      Also, is this the one with the leaky valve seals?
      It has the new Richporter Technologies distributor on it that I bought from RockAuto, yes. The original distributor I bought the car with leaked and the inside was oil soaked.

      There was no change after installing the new distributor as for the miss at start up. The connections were not dirty although another issue I had prompted me to use CRC electric contact cleaner on the connections. They are verified clean and no change as for the issue.

      And no, this car does not leak or use any oil what so ever. 3,000 miles between oil changes and the dipstick still shows close to full.


        What's the voltage at start up? From the pump That is. It sounds like the pump like you said, I think you'd realize if the head gasket was bad, man..


          I have no clue. I could try to figure it out through some schematics but I'm sure the pump is getting enough juice. No idea what fuel pressure is and no way to find out at the moment. I have a gauge set but it's not for Honda's.

          I'm thinking of throwing in a new fuel pump this coming week so it's been done and to take the possibility out of question. It's not in the records I have on the car that it's ever been done.

          As for the head gasket, I have a mysterious coolant leak. The coolant system also has UV dye in it and I haven't been able to find a single trace of dye anywhere in the engine bay. I need to purchase a tester to see if gases are entering the coolant system. The possibility of a slightly leaking head gasket I cannot rule out. Losiracer (hope I'm spelling that right) stated the symptoms his CB had and they sound identical to mine. Which is another reason why I think it may be a head gasket leaking coolant into a cylinder as it sits.


            Well I guess you can always do a pressure test.


              I'm letting the fuel pump prime twice now each time before starting it. Never does it. I guess it's the fuel system. Likely the pump.

              I'm going to replace the fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator. It already has a brand new OEM fuel filter.


                Well at least you can rule out the filter. I've not seen a case where they cause sputters in our cars though. Does it sound like it's trying super hard to get the fuel up to the front? I just replaced a fuel pump in an 01 accord that sounded fine. It hummed and primed, but wouldn't put the pressure to start the car. I tested pressure, and it was at 7. It still spit fuel too


                  The fuel pump doesn't make the same sounds as the ones I've heard in the past and really paid attention to. It's quieter. That doesn't really mean anything and if it does it doesn't necessarily provide definitive information regarding the fuel pumps condition.

                  Usually in a CB you can hear the fuel pump kick on and at the end of it priming the tone gets deeper and it sounds as if it has a resistance against it.

                  I know the issue I'm having is fuel related. It either has adequate pressure and fuel or it doesn't. If priming the fuel system before starting solves the issue then the first place to start is at the fuel pump. That's all I have to go off of.

                  Something else I've thought about is a weak coil. It's external so not as problematic as the internal coils. And turning the key to ACC a couple times before starting isn't very likely to have an affect if it were the ignition coil.


                    I still have this issue. In fact it does it every time now regardless of how long it sits. I'd say that if I shut it off and went to start it right back up that it would take a few revolutions to come to life.

                    At an idle with the A/C off and defrost off (ELD not increasing engine speed due to electrical load or other load) it will run rough. It started this a few nights ago.

                    I'm going to replace the fuel injectors and fuel injector o-rings and see what that does. I think I may have a fuel pressure bleed off issue.

                    I'm also going to try grounding my ECU as it's not bolted in.

                    And I'm going to try replacing the ECT sensor and see where that gets me.

                    Any input is greatly appreciated as always.


                      Damn. Mine actually started the sputtering at startup again as well. I can't imagine were the only ones with this problem.. I really hope it's not a fuel pump problem. I do NOT want to break those rusted ass bolts loose and tear shit up.


                        I read through this, but didn't notice something.

                        Have you checked your spark plugs? There could be oil in the spark plug tube and this will coat the plug itself. The oil causes a misfire.


                          sorry to budge in, but what are the symptoms that can be described as missing at start-up, can someone please explain
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                            There's no oil on the plugs, and knowing him, his are bone dry as well.

                            EsperHamid, the missing can best be described as When first starting the car, it sputters and doesn't run as it should(misfire-ignition problem or fuel not being burned as it should). The problem is only when the car is first started, and corrects itself after a few seconds.


                              Thanks Chris