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EXT: Making Intermittent Wipers Variable Speed

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    EXT: Making Intermittent Wipers Variable Speed


    After I got pm from fifedog229 who was having some issues with doing mod with a different version of the blue box, a better solution has been found. The 95 Accord v6 lx/ex 38600-SV7-A11 icu differs slightly from 96-97 Accord 38600-SV7-A12 I used. Luckily I pulled an extra box the last time I was at the junkyard and it happened to be an a11. After comparing and testing, the A11 has the corner light circuitry built in like the cb7. This allows the A11 to replace the accord icu and not have to piggyback 2 icus.

    Tha A11 icu has the lights on buzzer built in so there no output to the external one. The internal light buzzer works when the icu is plugged in. The pin 3 orange output wire can be left in place since there is nothing connected on the board.

    The A11 also has seat belt buzzer built in but is not needed for 90-91 since the auto seat belt module already does this. I don't have a 92-93 wiring diagram to see if the red/blu wire is present for the seat belt or if it needs to be run.

    The key in buzzer has to be rewired. The cb7 has a 12v switched buzzer but the newer cars are ground switched. I wired up a relay inside the module to change it. I moved the the blu/wht key wire to the unused slot above it and soldered to the terminal to use as input to relay. I ran the relay output to the original key terminal and soldered it.

    Add the variable wires to pin 6,7 and you are done. A whole lot easier than two icus.


    Being in California where it hardly rains, I typically use the intermittant wiper setting. Unfortunately it is one speed and not the speed you ever want. So I changed a few things around and added variable speed to the intermittant wipers.

    Alot of Hondas come with the variable speed electroncis already in the vehicles whether it was ever offered or not. The 90-93 Accord is not one those lucky ones. The electronics for most are built into the ICU on older cars and the multiplex of newer of ones. Both of these are integrated into the fuse box. The older accords, civics,crv,prelude, cl use the ICU to control the intermittant function. The 95-97 accord ICU have variable function built into them. This module uses the same internal and external plug as the 90-93. Swap the ICU and you have variable capability. This comes at the expense of the control for corner blinkers which the newer model does not control and a built in chime vs exrternal chime. Rather than rewire the lights, I decided to just use 2 ICUs, the stock one and a newer one just controlling the wiper functions.

    There are only 4 wires that go to back of the ICU for the wipers, these ae located in two seperate plugs at the back of the fusebox. I removed these wires from the connectors and ran them to a connector shell I had laying around. I also spliced into the ICU 12v power and ran a ground wire to the factory ground to power the 2nd ICU. Since the inputs to ICU are on the back and internal, I soldered wires directly onto the board so it could mount easier. Once all wired up the wipers will function just like before. To vary the speed of the in wipers, vary resistance on pin 6 an 7( of the green ICU side plug) between 0-30,000 ohm. This can be done with a simple potentiometer or a wiper switch with built in controls.

    Connector with Int on, Relay control output, park wires

    Connector with washer wire

    Tapped power to ICU

    wired up

    New ICU mounted to stock ICU

    Since there are no variable wiper switches for a 90-93 it must come from another model. Since I have a 90, this will apply 90 and most likely 91. 92-93 have air bag and from what I can tell the larger combination switch holder. The switch I got is from a CL but also is found on the Accord and TL. The newer variable switch is larger, uses a different connector, and has a different stalk angle.

    Upon disassembly, I found out the internals are the same. The stalk will fit into the smaller 90 shell use the 90 rear contact panel so no connector changes have to be made. Just add 2 new wires to the extra 2 pin connector for variable control.

    This leaves the angle difference, being too close to the steering wheel. The stalk arm has a different angle on it and need to be modified. I filed down the end on the stalk arm allowing it to angle back to the 1990 position

    rear comparison

    front comparison

    top view

    angle comparison

    Inside both talks

    wiper stalk arm angle difference

    filed down stalk arm

    Angle after filing matches stock
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    wow looks better than stock.


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      good work, not only did you do something never been done before but you documented it in a easy to follow manner.


        This needs to be moved to the DIY section as well.

        Amazing job.
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          you have great electrical skills. great work. and original to the Cb's

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            i'm way to drunk right now to read all of this, but I'm gonna bookmark this thread. I am swapping a bb6 dash into my accord and I really wanted to change over the variable wipers. This is the perfect thread. Thanks for your input. I'll read through it tomorrow and apply it to my swap!


            My Custom BB6 Dash Swap Thread


              Wow, for being drunk your english is PERFECT. No grammatical errors, proper punctuation. Fantastic.

              I think i may try this. (Not the getting drunk part... i do that too often. The changing of the variable wiper control.)
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              Originally posted by H22Artman
              if he still disagrees. well...... buy him a pink sweater and tell him to go buy some curtains.
              Originally posted by deevergote
              I posted a nude photo of myself on it broke the site.
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                great job and nice write up! i wondered what it would take to get variable wipers and now I know..


                  Such well written and worthwhile DIY's have become rare Plus one rep homie.

                  I might have to give this a shot some time. Wow...the insides of those are REALLY similar, damn near identical.

                  Great writeup!


                    Nice write up man. Clear and easy to understand. I might try that at some point.


                      very nice write up man this is a good DIY very well explained

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                        ...and people say nothing new is left to do to our cars! Very nice work!


                          I have to give mad props and massive hate for this DIY. Ive hated my 3-speed wipers since THE DAY i bought the car but i severely lack the knowledge to do such a write-up, and now you've done it. Lol.

                          I still had trouble understanding a few points, but it sounds like the majority of the parts are the same. Seems you really just had to wire in a second ICU to control the wipers, wire up the new arm/switch and modify the arm a bit.

                          I would love to do this for sure.

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                            wooow nice. post up a video of these babys in action. use the garden hose on mist for some xtra bonus points !! ^__^ this is super nice awesome job !

                            edit: WOOW only 70k on the odo !
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