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ENG: Internal to External Coil Dizzy

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    ENG: Internal to External Coil Dizzy

    So I did the H22 swap last weekend and ran into a problem. My H22 came with an internal ignition coil. My F22 was external ignition coil. The F22 dizzy bolt holes did not line up with the H22. I had to take both the F22 and H22 dizzys apart and combine to make 1 that would work with my setup. There are probally other ways that would work but this made the most sence to me.

    Remove the green wire from the F22.

    Remove the ignition coil from the H22.

    Remove the white wire from the H22 and replace it with the green wire.

    Pull the rubber plug out of the H22 dizzys socket and push the green wires end into it.

    Now you can put the F22 cap on the H22 dizzy and use your F22 external coil and your F22 harness on the H22 dizzy plugs and everything works.

    So far its been working for me.

    I was also looking to keep my coil external set up when I did my H22 swap a few months ago. The way I did it was to swap all of the the internal electronic components and plugs from my external coil F22 distributor into the internal coil H22 distributor housing. I had to use the H22 distributor shaft with the H22 distributor housing, the F22 distributor shaft is a different size. I reused my Accord engine harness with the swap it plugged right in, and works great.
    Found all kinds of help on using the internal coil distributor and making it work, but I hate to cut a factory harness unless I have NO choice that is why I wanted the external coil.
    a big to you for figuring it out