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ENG : Replacing inner distributor seal

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    How can you tell the different between the two distributor for example if you bought a distributor online or of ebay how can you tell so you buy the right seal


      The distributor pictured in the original post is a TEC, those are the most commonly used for Hondas. They'll be stamped TD-XXU (TD-52U for example). Here's an example of a Hitachi distributor from an F22B1:
      My 95 Odyssey distributor looks exactly like the one in the link minus the electrical connector. The Hitachi units, any of them, look different from the TEC ones.

      Since the Hitachi internal seal is diff. from the TEC, here's what I used on my Odyssey's distributor:


        thanks for the detailed diy!! just ordered both inner seal and o ring from ebay. cant wait to fix my dizzy


          I didnt even know this 2nd DIY existed... I took 32 pictures to make this DIY but Now I dont have to.

          NOK inner seal

          you can buy them on ebay or on amazon <<< link

          here are some pictures

          tools I used

          leaking seal

          DO NOT use a screw driver to loosen the screws. Use a ratchet with a 1/4 socket and a screw bit to loosen. This will prevent a stripping the screw.

          all cleaned up

          New NOK seal in with some ultra gray sealant for extra measure

          Pretty easy to do just do it when the engine is cooled down so the distributor is not hot.


            Great write up! These things can leak pretty bad and mess up the passengers side of the engine / transmission / hoses


              Distributor seal

              I did this twice and i was not lucky to have mine come off that easily, i had to break the seal into pieces both times as it was so old that it had hardened stuck to the distributor base. A lot cheaper than replacing whole distributor, i now keep spare seals in the garage. I think only F series have this problem