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EXT/INT: Trunk leak fix, the trifecta of problems

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    EXT/INT: Trunk leak fix, the trifecta of problems

    If you are one of the cb7tuner members who says "Oh, trunk leaks cant happen to me!" you are dead wrong. It is a growing problem and a national concern. Not only does it make your trunk lining/ audio equipment/meth lab all wet and moldy, it is a significant contributor to the epidemic of "honda rot" rear quarter rust.

    The three places where a leak can form into your trunk are

    1. Rear windshield molding clips/ molding. A diy by timmyOtool on fixing that problem can be found here:

    2. Leaks around the taillight housings.

    3. A leak around the rear air outlet assembly (75450-SM2-000), an issue I will propose a solution to in the DIY below.

    __________________________________________________ ______
    The rear air outlet assembly, housed behind the rear bumper, just rear of the rear drivers side wheel well allows air to escape the trunk and cabin of the vehicle when the trunk or a door is closed to prevent the blowing out of window seals and allow for easier operation of the doors and trunk lid.

    The foam gasket around the assembly is made of the same material as the seals around the taillights and rear windshield molding clips. It deteriorates over time and leads to leaks. I suspect that this is a reason why rust is worse on the drivers side of most CB chassis Accords. The gasket must be resealed using silicon or another adhesive.

    Parts/Tools required:
    -Philips screwdriver (stubby or 90 degree)
    -Silicon sealer/window weld/caulk - your choice.
    -Paper towels or a towel.

    Lets get started... First remove the two screws holding the rear mud flap to the bumper, then remove the two screws holding the rear bumper to the rear bumper bracket. One of these screws is underneath the mudflap, which is why I suggested removing it first.

    Next, pull outward on the end of the rear bumper to bend it away from the body of the vehicle. Now you have access to the air outlet assy. Remove the two philips screws holding it to the vehicle and remove it.

    Wipe down the area where the gasket makes contact with the car, and wipe down the entire assembly, concentrating on the area around the gasket. Now you are ready to apply your silicon.

    Don't skimp on silicon.

    I went overboard and added silicon on the inside too.

    Reinstall the assembly and reassemble everything in reverse order, but don't read this diy backwards or it wont make sense. It will just sound like siht, s'ti gnisufnoc.

    Good luck. Be careful that all of the live fish you keep in your trunk don't die now that there will be no water in there. My Koi only lasted about half an hour.
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    This is good man. Keep it up
    -Lance- (Formally known as H0ndaspyd3rLM)

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      So after fixing the tail light gaskets, trunk molding, rear windshield trim clip gaskets and air outlet assembly gaskets, I still have a slight leak in my trunk My trunk is gutted, so i can see that it is pooling up on the sides right next to the rear bumper bracket nuts. There are drops of water on the bumper bracket nuts themselves.

      I think that since water that drains from the rear windshield and around the trunk lid seal goes down behind the rear bumper below the taillights it is finding its way in by the bumper bracket. I am going to tear into it again tonight and post up a supplement. Hopefully this can become the definitive dry trunk thread. I am determined to fix this.


        i use "LEXEL". quite the product, and haven't had any leaks in the tails since i used it a few days ago. i'll be checking up on this thread zach. if you need me to climb in there while you pour water all over the trunk let me know.

        life is good.


          Here's another leak location I found on my car THREAD

          ^^^That one REALLY produced some water puddles when driving but nothing just getting rained on.

          I also found a number of small holes in the seams of the outer taillight cavities.

          Remove the outer tailight and at night shine a flashlight from the inside of the trunk, seal any holes with silicone or flexible rtv..
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