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INT: Satellite radio

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    INT: Satellite radio

    In my case I went a little above and beyond with the hidden location. I want to keep every thing clean and stock looking. Most installs will be similar if you have an after market radio

    I went with a XM Direct Tuner with Nav Traffic

    1: Find a suitable location for the receiver. You need to pick a place away from heat and moving objects and with decent ventilation

    2: The satellite radio antenna is magnetic and is best installed on the outside
    of the car. You can install it inside on the dash but your reception may suffer. The most common locations would be on the trunk lid, and above the front or rear windshield. You will need to run the cable to the satellite radio interface. careful it is relatively fragile

    basic diagram from Sirius same applys to XM

    3: Next you need to get signal to the source
    In the case of Pioneer you will have an ip bus cable (in my case also a data cable) to the head unit and you will need to hook up ground and constant power. (standard yellow)

    Sony uses there proprietary din cable and RCAs to "bus audio in"

    JVC uses there proprietary din cable

    For my install I took out the rear side panel in my coupe.

    I built a mount out of MDF. And secured it to the brace.

    Ran the ip bus, data cable, and power with ground to the screen/ head unit (pulled sill plate and ran with factory wiring).

    I then place the satellite radio antenna on the top the the rear windshield and tucked it in the weather seal. Carefully running it through the trunk to the location of the module

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    I shouldve done this when i got my SIRIUS. I just ran mine over to the door, under the carpet/trim into the trunk and have it on the center of the trunk.

    Good idea.

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    Originally posted by Jarrett
    Is there a goal you're trying to accomplish besides looking dope as hell?


      Yea I have my Sirius antenna on the back of my rear deck. I didn't want anyone to realize I had satellite radio Great idea
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