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    gotcha what suspension do you plan on going with?

    the sedan
    the wagon
    the integra


      Not quite sure...I'm going look around, got any suggests, and one's where a fair price


        We all go through that rust cancer but I'm glad you took care of yours!
        When are you putting the rims back on?
        1990 Accord EX


          When summer comes back, as of now we got like 3 inchs of snow, and gotta have the snow tires on...


            Originally posted by 1990[H]accordex View Post
            When summer comes back, as of now we got like 3 inchs of snow, and gotta have the snow tires on...
            Oh yeah, I forgot about winter mode! Sorry!
            1990 Accord EX


              So this my project I did before christmas, I was tired of the steelies, so I decided to paint my hubcaps...


              3 coats primer...

              chrome paint...

              3 coats chrome...

              clear coat...


              what the car looks like now...


                Looking good! You did a good job on the steelies!
                1990 Accord EX


                  its coming along very up your money for a nice drop,don't go with cheap parts.


                    Here's another project i accomplished during X-mas, i was tired of my MDF board subbox so me and buddie decided to fancy it up abit hope you enjoy

                    Painted burgundy...

                    Accord Performance, made a stencil to do this...

                    Cb7 stencil...

                    all together...

                    In the car...

                    my own personal Cb7 tag...


                      I'll post pic's of the subbox from before, but mostly everyone gets the picture, it was just plain homemade subbox


                        Looking good! I like that CB7 tag!
                        1990 Accord EX


                          So this is just a quick post to everyone on cb7, i'm laying off my MRT for couple months, because i'm low on cash and I had lay my car up for rest of the winter, plus my car needs to much for inspection and can't afford it at the moment, i need new upper ball joint, wheel bearing, tie rod end, flex pipe, and catelic converter, only plus of this down fall is my old 1990 accord i pretty much swap all the parts over because they are new on the older one, so hopefully i'll be up and running again in afew months anyways later...


                            Well as I stated above I'm not running the car at the moment, but I've seem to find little things here and there, to do to it to make it much more unique, and here's another Idea i came up wit

                            So I like amps with the neon tubes inside them and that they are see threw and that you see the guts and whatnot, so consider I'm low on cash and can't afford one these I did my own little diy on my amp.

                            First I took the bottom plate off my amp, and replaced it with a piece of Plexiglas and painted it with VHT nightshade...

                            Them I took old set of blue neon lights I had, cut the wire spliced it together made it shorter and put one light in each corner of the amp and drilled a hole out the side of the amp to let the wire go through...

                            and this is the results of the lights inside the amp with the tinted glass on it...

                            ...this is not the end tho, I still have a toggle switch with blue led light on it that will hook up to the amp to turn on but this far as i got, and you can believe that this works because i had battery in my room that i used to test this out


                              So I've decided to start another project i'm doing a 92 to 90 bumper conversion, keep yeah posted


                                So here it is i worked on this for about a week, I got the bumper off my 90 accord ex, repainted it with semi gloss black beauti-tone paint clear coated the whole bumper, then took a jig saw and cut holes out in the bottom of the bumper to put my fogs lights in, made L shaped brackets out of steel bolted them to the bumper then mounted the fogs in ajusted them up and this is the final results, oh and i put a 90ex grill in with diy mesh