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    redlined302 : 1993 Accord LX

    From ashy to classy

    Cb7tuner family, I would like you all to meet my wife and my work in progress. Alicia. I adopted Alicia from her caretakers at the time. Litttle did I know, she was on her way to needing a heart transplant. She was over heating, had parts on her that were of the wrong year of birth and didnt quite fit her properly or look right on her. She had no radio to play cruising music with, or much of an interior at all of that matter. After running her vin number courtesy of the website crazymikey provided in the OT section, I discovered Alicia has had a very rough past full of neglect and emptiness. She got kidnaped and twice. Once via car thieves which resulted in her ending up in car prison, the impound lot. After being sold at auction andsent to other foster parents multiple times and ended up being kidnapped again, but this time by the police and once again impounded. After being sold again at auction she went through multiple parents and ended up dumped at the car grave yard twice and both times saved via car re sale through the yard. But now, she is in my hands and being greatly taken care of. With a fresh heart transplant and all of her interior put back together and having matching year parts on her as well as new shoes, she is well on her way to being something special and she is something truely special to me. Alicia has come a long way and is coming even longer and harder.

    MUCH SHOUT OUTS AND BIG UPS TO MY HOMIE BLAKE AKA Dark_Accord Without him Alicia would probably be at her final resting place right about now. Thanks again man

    Mods list:

    F22b2 in replacement of a completley shot f22a1
    No name SRI
    Tsudo catback
    Exeddy stage 2 clutch
    Lightweight flywheel
    Stock otherwise

    Replaced trunk lid with correct year
    New hood
    90/91 grill
    Jdm one piece lights
    Red and clear tails
    Legend front lip
    M3 trunk lip
    Freshly painted moldings
    New 92/93 front bumper freshly painted
    Prelude Si wheels
    Miscellaneous decals
    Rear window tint

    No name lowering springs
    No name shocks
    Both of which are soon to change once finances are in order

    Beer tap shift knob
    Wagon trunk conversion
    Stock otherwise

    Kenwood 6x9s
    Kenwood door speakers
    Ebay touch screen double din deck
    Kenwood 12s
    No name 800 watt amp

    Coming soon:
    5th gen rear side markers
    5th gen rear lip
    Oem fogs
    Highrise center console
    Acura Cl heated seat switches
    Fog switch

    Future plans:
    H22 swap or j32 swap
    Rear fogs
    Re done suspension
    Black leather cl front seats
    Black leather rear seats
    Black leather door panels
    Black dash swap
    New paint
    Custom VC

    With no further adue here are the pics starting off with humble beginnings. June 2011 the night i bought her and the same night I joined the site

    Immediately I replaced the trunk and front bumper to where they were the correct year along with redand clear tails along with painting the moldings black and eventually touching up the rear bumper

    Wagon trunk compartment and interior shot with new deck and beer tap shift knob

    And the way she currently sits

    Prior to 90/91 grill

    Giving her a bath

    After giving her a bath (please excuse lack of bumper lights have yet to screw them in)

    Cleaned wheels and shined tires are happy wheels and tires <3

    Thank you all for looking and stay tuned for updates on this as its far from finished
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    Finally... Looking good though man! Can't wait to see her in person, get those turn sigals on too! Haha
    1993 10th Anniversary MRT

    Originally posted by The G-Man
    For that money, yes. But my dick isn't big enough for that shit.

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      Thanks a lot for the good feedback bro Yeah laziness owned with the screwing of the bumper lights and really owned with the recreation of this thread! MRT EF hatch build


        Way to show that sedan some love, good job man
        My whips so clean I can see the reflection of your car in the reflection of my car on the reflection of your car


          Originally posted by flatrex View Post
          Way to show that sedan some love, good job man
          Thanks bro. It deserved all of the love I have given it the previous owners abused and neglected her as you can see.

 EF hatch build


            Good lookin start bro, keep it up

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              Liking where this is going keep up the work That marauder is sick !!!
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                looking good bro, keep it up.
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                  Originally posted by iwork4mycb7 View Post
                  looking good bro, keep it up.
                  Originally posted by rkcb7 View Post
                  Liking where this is going keep up the work That marauder is sick !!!
                  Originally posted by AAPOQ View Post
                  Good lookin start bro, keep it up
                  Thank you all And yes that Marauder is a great vehicle and I love it. Sadly, it is my fathers lol. Be on the look out for rolling shots of my car and my dads coming soon.

         EF hatch build


                    we need to find thing some black leather door panels .
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                      Nice start man
                      NEW CB

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                        Originally posted by Dark_Accord View Post
                        we need to find thing some black leather door panels .
                        And seats lol. Also when this crank pulley bullshit is taken care of we got to primer it and prep the body for paint and thanks DarkCloud

                        On another note everyone took this pic of the front today

               EF hatch build


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                            Originally posted by thepowderblue View Post
                            Thanks man.

                   EF hatch build


                              My white ex is sitting on prelude fanblades right now to And it has a f22b2 in it
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