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    Not yet. I was going to tow it to the dealership so Jak Frostwhite could fix it for me, but I ended up getting hammered with work, so I wasn't able to do it. Now, it's too cold... the car is on summer tires that have been sitting in dirt for 2 years, so I REALLY don't want to risk it!

    I'm helping my friend (uslspct) fix his CB right now. Soon, my jack stands will be back in my posession... which will allow me to fix my 86 Accord and get it out of my carport. THEN the CB can be put in there and I'll get to work on it!
    I expect to have it back on the road this Spring.


      Always wanted to see what the MANS car looked like. It looks very nice I like it keep up the good work.



        very very nice, its almost the color im going with, Honda Fit Storm Silver Metallic


          Love the first page posters. So many old skool names.

          Mike, even if you werent always swamped with work, you'd be swamped with cars. I have a hard enough time keeping up on my one, I cant imagine having 3.

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          Originally posted by Jarrett
          Is there a goal you're trying to accomplish besides looking dope as hell?


            Ah the bosses thread nice! Soon to be back on the road then!

            Keep us posted!

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              Will do!

              This car will soon become a major project... restoration, then performance (maybe a little of both at the same time...)

              Eventually, it'll probably be caged and turned into a track car. I have a good road course about 45 minutes away (and a good drag strip the same distance in the other direction!)


                Very nice... reminds me of my own CB project... although I just start my last summer.
                Checkout my MR:


                  Good luck Deev, I know you can do it.
                  Just takes time, good luck with your 3gee too lol!
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                    How's the CB now? any updates? Looks good in those old pics.
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                      sweet mike , i love the stance on a super clean cb7 . i love the fact that you have done so much. 2003 love it pal .i'm 32 and still love my honda, i guess it never goes away . would you please post us some more pics . i know you are busy and all . just want to see how she sits . thanks for all the inspiration over the years .

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                        i love this car, man. is phantom grey an OEM color? my car was originally grey, but the damn guy that had it before me painted it black. and it looks like they did it themselves. not to mention the mexican flame decals that were on the sides of the car (came off the first day i got it because they made me throw up a little). but yeah, i wanna do my car the stock grey that it was. it looked like more of a gun metal grey maybe.

                        but i LOVE your carrr!!!


                          That sucks man!

                          Yeah, Phantom Gray is a stock color. Mine was painted (twice) by Maaco, and neither job was very accurate. The first job had a hint of brown/green to it, and it was awesome. The second looks more like the 7th gen Accord dark gray... not as cool (it's what I have now.

                          I really need to get this thing back on the road. I miss it! I sit in it from time to time, and it just smells like home.


                            i haven't really dug into this thread but what's wrong with the car now? like why isn't it on the road?? and if i lived in NJ i'd definitely help you get her back. lol.


                              Only two things... minor, but enough that I haven't been able to fix it.
                              I replaced the clutch and clutch hydraulics (twice on the hydraulics now...) and I can't get more than half-pressure in the pedal. That's what's keeping me from driving it. The other issue is the driver's side front window regulator... it wasn't mounted properly (or it was a crap aftermarket piece), and the mounting screws sawed away at the mounting holes in the door. SO, properly mounting and aligning a window regulator now is going to be very difficult.


                                I had the same problem with my Accord after I swapped the H22 into it. It just wouldn't catch full pressure. Only ~50% pressure. My friend and I kept at it and when he finally got tired of it, we tightened everything up and he left. I left it that way and drove it around the neighborhood a few times. Amazingly, full pressure eventually made it's way back and has been that way ever since (over a year ago).