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    Rilas : 1993 Accord SE

    Here is my beloved '93 SE Coupe also known as "Lola." I picked up this car as my project car about 9 months ago and it had to sit for about 7 months while I finished the garage. Luckily this car is from New Mexico originally and just last year moved up to Montana. The body is totally rust free with only a few minor dents. Finally after it sitting all winter, waiting just looking at her everyday I finally got to get started. After much debate about how to take care of the tired F22A6 in it, the best route was a JDM low milage engine.

    Resleeved Block (Darton Dry Sleeves - No Flange)
    Decked 0.004"
    Nippon Racing H22A Type-S Pistons 87.75mm
    Rods Modified (Oiling hole added at the top, and bored out to accept floating wrist pins instead of pressed wrist pins.)
    Rotating Assembly Micro-Polished and Balanced Balancer Shaft Delete Kit
    Timing Belt Manual Tension (Custom made from the stock auto tensioner.)
    JDM F20B Oil Pump
    ARP Headstuds
    Rebuilt Head
    - Mild Port and Polish (Intake and exhaust done by myself.)
    - 3 Angle Valve Job
    - Surfaced "0.005
    - Rocker Arms Reground (Delta did this job, I think it was around $94 for all 24. They had bad wear on them previously.)
    Intake Manifold Mild Port and Polish (Runners up the to IAB plates, all rough transitions between plates smoothed out.)
    Mild Wire Tuck
    PLM H22 4-2-1 Header
    MangaFlow Cat Back 2.25" Exhaust
    AEM V2 SRI for BB6
    R134a A/C Conversion
    Manual Transmission Swap M2S4
    ACT Streetlite Steel Flywheel
    Competition Clutch Stage 3 (Rated up to 250 ft/lb of torque.)
    Innovative Auto to Manual Mount
    Innovative Drivers Side Mount
    Prothane Rear Motor Mount Insert (Stock Rear Motor Mount) Rear T Bracket
    S2000 Clutch Master Cylinder
    Rywire B/D Clutch Line (Tucks and removes all the hard/soft lines from the car. Just a connection straight from the master to the slave cylinder.)
    Injector Resistor Box (Tucked under the dashboard.)

    Innovative Traction Bar
    Suspension Techniques Front and Rear Sway Bar 3 Point Upper Front Strut Bar
    Ultra Racing Upper Rear Strut Bar Rear Lower Tie Bar
    Bilstein HD B6 Shocks (94-97 Accord)
    Nuespeed Race Springs
    Energy Suspension Poly Bushings Master Kit Front
    Prothane Poly Bushings Rear Kit
    HardRace Trailing Arm Bushings
    Energy Suspension Bushing in Rear Lower Shock Mount (Used the upper front control arm bushings and left the OEM metal ring for the bushing in place.)
    SPC Front Upper Ball Joints (+/- 3*)
    SPC Adjustable Rear Upper Control Arms
    FFC Front Extended Top Hats
    Cheddas Auto Rear Extended Top Hats

    ABS Delete
    40/40 Proportioning Valve
    '98 CL Front ROH (
    Hawk Rear Rotors and Pads
    Techna-Fit Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines
    RSX Brake Booster and Master Cylinder

    '93 Accord SE Coupe Spoiler
    OEM Sunroof Visor
    OEM Double Lip (Custom)
    Speed Zone Rear Window Visor

    JDM Center Console Armrest Tan w/ Leather
    JDM Digital Climate Control
    '93 Accord SE Sedan Dashboard (Passenger side airbag, no storage on dashboard.)
    '91 Accord DX Phoenix Red Black Interior (Fully Modified to fit in a SE)
    '91 Prelude SI Steering Wheel
    '03 CL-S Charcoal Black Leather Front Seats
    '99 CL Dark Grey Front Seat Belts
    '99 CL Charcoal Black Leather Rear Seats
    '99 CL Dark Grey Carpet
    '93 Vigor Black E-Brake Handle and Leather Boot
    '01 TL Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror
    Black Door Handles
    Ortiz Custom Bezel Gauge Pods
    Wagon Storage Compartment
    SRS Delete (Entire System including wiring)

    ETwine Platinum 17"x7.5"

    AEM UEGO Wideband O2 Sensor
    Stock SE Bose System

    Future Plans:
    Too many to list.
    Fortune Auto 500 Series Coilovers

    I currently have a 1990 Accord LX Sedan that I am trying to sell due to excessive rust. Before this is sold though I need to return it to stock. This is going to include freshening up the original F22A6 that came out of Lola, to put in the sedan, so I can take the rebuilt F22A4 with many goodies, to put into a future sedan. Also the entire suspension/brakes/interior/transmission/control arms and a few other items I can't remember off the top of my head. All of this is going into Lola eventually. Hopefully by the end of this summer. But life always has suprises!

    JDM F22B Arrival 1

    JDM F22B Arrival 2

    JDM F22B Valve Train after Valve Cover Removal 1

    JDM F22B Valve Train after Valve Cover Removal 2

    JDM F22B Intake Port Port/Polish (Cleaned up casting marks satin finish)

    JDM F22B Exhaust Port Port/Polish 1

    JDM F22B Exhaust Port Port/Polish 2

    JDM F22B Head Rebuilt 1

    JDM F22B Head Rebuilt 2

    JDM F22B Rear Main Seal Leak

    JDM F22B Water Leak 1

    JDM F22B Water Leak 2

    JDM F22B Block and Pistons after Cleanup

    JDM F22B OEM Seals/Gaskets and Parts

    JDM F22B Cleaned Up and Refreshed

    Engine Bay Before Removal

    Tired Leaky F22A6 1

    Tired Leaky F22A6 2

    Dirty Engine Bay 1

    Dirty Engine Bay 2

    Dirty Transmission

    Cleaned Transmission 1

    Cleaned Transmission 2

    Cleaned Up a Bit

    Passenger Side Wire Tuck 1

    Passenger Side Wire Tuck 2

    Driver Side Wire Tuck 1

    Driver Side Wire Tuck 2

    Drivers Side Wire Tuck 3

    Drivers Side Wire Tuck 4

    Driver Side Wire Harness and Wiper Motor Plug

    Hood Latch cable and Washer Fluid Line

    Cleaned Ready for Reassembly

    Cleaned Engine Bay 1

    Cleaned Engine Bay 2

    Cleaned Driver Side Engine Bay

    Drivers Corner Cleaned

    Drivers Corner Close Up

    Cleaned Passenger Side Engine Bay

    Slim Pusher Fan

    F22B with Transmission 1

    F22B with Transmission 2
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    MRT: 1993 Honda Accord SE Coupe (Lola)

    You should explain to the previous owner that they're supposed to put oil IN the engine instead of on it.

    And you picked quite the good looking head to rebuild. What was the reason for that?

    Great thread so far. I love this color of SE coupe and the way you're building it is as Honda should have from the factory. Keep us updated with the progress!
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      Nice work

      Lola looks like a pretty girl and she sure seems too have a good heart.
      Educating each other one car at a time.


        In for engine bay cleaning motivation

        YouTube Clicky!!


          The head was rebuilt due to it being slightly warped after removing it to check the pistons. Also 4 of the exhaust valves had a slight leak to them when vacuum tested. So the rebuild was really for peace of mind.
          MRT: 1993 Honda Accord SE Coupe (Lola)


            Originally posted by cb9love View Post
            Lola looks like a pretty girl and she sure seems too have a good heart.
            I hope I can get can her back to looking like the day she rolled out of the dealers lot new.

            Originally posted by sonikaccord View Post
            In for engine bay cleaning motivation
            It's so much effort and I did it all by hand, since I can't roll it out of the garage right now. Totally worth it now that I can work on it without getting filthy!

            Thank you for the replies it should help keep me motivated!
            MRT: 1993 Honda Accord SE Coupe (Lola)


              should convert it to MT while u have everything out. looks mint. i did and it made things so much easier later down. plus my at gear box ws slipping badly.

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                Originally posted by tommi View Post
                should convert it to MT while u have everything out. looks mint. i did and it made things so much easier later down. plus my at gear box ws slipping badly.
                The plan is to swap it to a manual later. I need to get my H23 transmission out of my sedan first then it will be moving into this one. The auto in this one is still solid for the time being and it's getting all new AT fluid when it goes back in.
                MRT: 1993 Honda Accord SE Coupe (Lola)


                  I managed to get a few things done with Lola today.

                  F22B Installed 1

                  F22B Installed 2

                  F22B Installed 3

                  Slim Puller Fan Installed on Radiator for A/C

                  I was also working on my egr tuck into the black box. I still need to get a chipped ECU so I can delete it. After I get it finalized I'll post some pictures of it. Other than that I just wrapped up some other small odds and ends.
                  MRT: 1993 Honda Accord SE Coupe (Lola)


                    Got a few more projects done on her in the last few days.

                    Preparing to tuck EGR Valve

                    Extended Wires to reach original EGR plug in engine wiring harness

                    EGR Valve Stuffed into black box in place of map sensor, 2 mounting tabs had to be cut off to make this all fit.

                    Black box ready to be installed

                    Black box installed with ODBI to ODBII map sensor jumper harness

                    EGR wiring to engine harness plug

                    Radiator set into place

                    Look at all of that room even with the automatic tranmission

                    MRT: 1993 Honda Accord SE Coupe (Lola)


                      Looking good man. Not sure how I missed this thread.

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                        Wow so clean and I love your engine! Great progress it will look factory when you are done and thats a compliment haha!


                          Originally posted by khal.lawson View Post
                          Looking good man. Not sure how I missed this thread.
                          Thanks for the compliment, your coupe is looking great as well. Hopefully I'll have mine on road soon.

                          Originally posted by preludeNinja View Post
                          Wow so clean and I love your engine! Great progress it will look factory when you are done and thats a compliment haha!
                          Thanks a lot man! It takes a lot of time and effort to figure out a plan and then execute it. Sometimes the smallest seeming project can end up taking a few hours, like to move that stupid EGR valve!

                          This weekend yielded some more progress. Nothing really picture worthy. Installed a new OEM thermostat, OEM fuel filter, a few custom brackets for the last few electrical connectors. Also wrapped up a bunch of loose ends as well as installed all of the hose clamps that I could. I still need to buy both of the heater core hoses. This will finish the cooling system.

                          I spent a few hours underneath trying to clean off 22 years worth of oil and dirt. That had almost turned into some sort of grease that was awful to clean the residue off. Took a ton of elbow grease to get it cleaned, but it looks good now. Finished cleaning the bottom of the transmission as well since it was on the ground while I cleaned the rest. Also while underneath I got the flex plate bolted to the torque converter and torqued down. There is more I'm sure but as it's late and it's been a long weekend I think thats enough for tonight.
                          MRT: 1993 Honda Accord SE Coupe (Lola)


                            Got to put in some more work last night. Actually managed to get a few things accomplished.

                            Rack and Pinion and Front Sway Bar removed (Front ABS sensors as well)

                            Front Sway Bar Damaged (Noticed this awhile back, but just got to removing this stuff. Have a 99 CL 3.0 solid Front Sway Bar to replace it.)

                            Bad Tie Rods Drivers Side

                            Bad Tie Rods Passenger Side

                            Dirty Center Beam 1

                            Dirty Center Beam 2

                            Cleaned Up Center Beam 1

                            Cleaned Up Center Beam 2

                            I also spend a good deal of time cleaning the bottom of the rear subframe, where the rack and pinion came out of. It's filthy up in there as well, you can tell from what the rack looked like in the picture above. Now that this rack is out I can finish up converting my other rack and pinion to a manual rack and pinion. I'll post up a few pictures of the process as I noticed there is something missing in the DIY that causes some play in the wheel. I'll get my new tie rods ordered this week and hopefully sometime next week I'll have the steering all put back together. I also finished my ODBII distributor to ODBI wiring harness jumper, but forgot to take a picture of it. I can post this up later.
                            MRT: 1993 Honda Accord SE Coupe (Lola)


                              It's pictures like these that make these types of members' rides threads even better than the cars with thousands of dollars dumped into them.
                              My Members' Ride Thread - It's a marathon build, not a sprint. But keep me honest on the update frequency!