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mikeaustralia is cool... so far.
So I did take new photos, but now I have a new phone and haven't got any on here.. Will try to remember tomorrow.

Originally Posted by lbus9168 View Post
Hey mike, welcome from Canberra. Its funny you have those wheels on your cb7, I have those exact wheels in my shed being refurbished for my cb9 before I decided to be a cop so now all my cool car stuff has to follow the ADR's to the letter ��

I'm moving Campbelltown way in around a year and am up there regularly, if you need a hand with anything message me.
Hey man!
Do you still have them? I would love to have deep dish on all four wheels, this set only has it on two. The two wheels with the dish are also slightly wider.

Nice, I'm in Liverpool
Working on the car most weekends so come chill next time you're up.

Originally Posted by excalibur02 View Post
This color keeps popping up. I love it!
Does Sebring Silver sound right? That's what I have in my head, I think that's it.
However, I'm going to be vinyl wrapping it with Pearlescent White Satin.

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