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A thread for the oldschool cb7tuner heads... "Do you remember when..."

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    A thread for the oldschool cb7tuner heads... "Do you remember when..."

    It's funny when you look back on things... People come and go on this forum, and the changes seem so subtle. That is, until you think about them.

    Remember when TypeG was just that guy that ended everything with "later"? Now he's the guy with the polished everything, and one of the cleanest cars ever.

    Remember when AccordWarrior had nothing but a car bra and an "Accord" windshield banner? (yeah, that's pretty far back ) I actually liked that stuff... well, the bra. I'm not much of a banner guy

    Remember Acclude91 when he actually had the car that inspired the name?

    Remember when Wikked v16 owned an 86 hatchback (which I now own... )

    Remember when cp[mike]'s most interesting project was his LED dashboard?

    Now to go WAY back... Does anyone remember my car when it was bone stock (except for the swap...)? (actually, there are a few on here that may have known me when the car WAS bone stock... hondafan81, h22sparke...)

    What obscure things do you remember? Show us your age! Keep it clean though... anything that could be offensive to someone has no place here.

    damn im a newbie..i only remember type G ending everything with....... later.


      I remember when Accord R33 first started selling turbo kits, cause I bought when. MRX vx the s2000 video. When ricky used to be fizzbob and he still pissed people off.

      I don't consider myself old, maybe an old member, but definitely one of the younger members here



        i remember fizzbobs old video of his brown h22's speedo, 2nd thru 3rd gr run....damn i wanted a h22 back then.

        remember Lithium's members ride page....his grill inspired mine.

        i remember steve's auto f22a6! hahah that inspired me alone! 16.4's haha

        hell i remember Adams car when it was GREEN! haha cardomain owned back then bishes
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          when lithium92 used to post hahaha and when shawn.hayden was 93akkord i believe and whe some dude used to post with an evil looking train in his sig but i dont remember his s/n also when atx had a white guage bezel and white konig rated Rs how about when uncle_el was rocking lonig caffienes onn his cb and also when he had a greddy gracer lip or hahah when xplode had his 9005 conversion harnesses for sale
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            I remember when Cpmike had that video, looks like it was shot with a camera phone where he was testing out an ECU and i think it showed him redlining the hell out of tach.

            I remember when Excalibur02 had that sig from when he first had his swap, i thought it was pretty cool.

            I remember when K-mart and Huy where the only ones with the Type-R wheels...

            Thats all i can remember thats way back, if i think of more i'll post...


              ^^^ i totally remember those days ive been a member ever since i just dont post alot but yes lithium92 and usc inspired me into building my old cb oh how i miss it atx and uncle_el also had really clean rides

              i remember when bustedlx did his 5lug i think he was one of the first, also when he had his accident

              oh and when 92accorddx i think was his sn but he was one of the first to rock rota c8s from

              now thats some old school for you cb7 people lithium, usc, deev, atx ogs of cb7
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                Yeah, I remember Lithium92 and USC back when they were posting alot on the boards. That was back in the day when I didn't have a CB7 yet and I was still modding my Camry.....crazy....I remember at one point when I first got a hold of my CB, I was thinking, "damn one of these days, I'm gonna have a member's ride page too, as soon as I actually start doing shit to it...."


                  Yea, I remember when 92HondaEX used to have a running car, but now it won't now he changed his sn to Clueless for obvious reasons.
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                    remember the cb7 with the jdm itr front end?......i have class with him this sem hes a cool guy....

                    So SIIC...

                    SoCal OG bitches...


                      he still has that car damn gangsta i remember when he was doing the conversion hella ol skool!
                      Beast: Evo X
                      Daily: 93 Accord LX Wagon


                        LOL night your a nice guy too!!!!!!

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                          I got a good one, Fushigi Res and his business, and when he first came out with his short shifters



                            Yeah ANYONE whos old school remembers TypeRLegend.

                            I thought that was the sickest conversion to date. I remember Fr0zen and NirvousAccord (the member with the evil train for a sig).

                            And I distinctly remember not posting as much and seeing Wayne's post count go from 0 to like 1,000 in a single month.

                            And I remember when AccordWarrior first joined and turned out that we went to rival highschools

                            And for the really oldschoolers

                            ATXs mods back in the day with the White Volks, CF Hood and mugen lip and the short vids he made.


                            I remember Deever's web page about his car when I first joined the site and how stock it was except for the HDuece Mod, and I remember when I came across Rebels old ride on Cardomain when he had just started doing mods to it.

                            Ah 2k3 what a trip.
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                              I remember the first dude with the Delta 272...well, one of the first...

                              I remember seeing fliplyricist's impeccable car and having a vision of what I wanted my car to be...

                              I remember seeing h22sparkle's car at street races, back when he had 17s and a wing, killing anything Civic related in sight, and finding out he was on this site...

                              I remember the well made ATX vids...still miss those...

                              I remember spending more time in the tech forums than fact I never really used to even browse OT...

                              Ahhh the memories...

                              Originally posted by lordoja
                              im with you on that one bro! aint nothing beat free food and drinks any day of the week, even if its at a funeral