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I'm an a$$hole and I'm sorry.

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    I'm an a$$hole and I'm sorry.

    To Everyone:

    First off Happy Holidays to everyone!

    I would like to apologize to all the members of this community for my absence. With all the things I have going on (plus I procrastinate a lot more then I should) I have not been by this wonderful and informative site.

    So I'd really just like to say I'm sorry.

    On to business, I have an unsettled debt to a member of this forum. His user name is "arrozburner" a while ago (and I mean a long fu#king time ago) he sent me an h22a turbo mani and delta wastegate in exchange for some parts and labor to make him a shift light like mine. I did the work but never sent it back, I'm sorry.

    I would like to settle this debt. I do have the completed work still boxed up but not knowing if he still wants is I haven't shipped it. I would like to return this to him as well as return the h22a turbo mani and delta gate so he may sell it to try to make up for the time. I can not in good continence use these parts. I've had them sitting in a box since I received them because they just don't feel mine since I haven't paid for them yet.

    If this is acceptable please let me know, If not maybe we can come to another agreement.

    Wtf have I been up to... Well the car sat for about 10 months with bent valves. For some unknown reason the balancer belt got shredded up, tangled into the timing belt, broke it, and thus banging up my valves slightly, but enough to cause it not to run anymore.

    The car sat because I'm a jerk and since I had two other cars and so much to do I just never got around to it. But after watching the car sit and paint go totally to $hit I decided enough was enough. I rebuilt the head with JGE flat face high comp valves, reused all my skunk2 stuff (springs, retainers, cams), had the head totally done at a good local shop (no porting). Slapped it all back together and she started right up, Ice cold a/c and all .

    THEN!!!! about 150 miles later idling the timing belt broke AGAIN! This time I just about went ape $hit. Let it sit for a week then slapped a new belt on there but before final assembly I got it together enough to do a compression test (if the valves had gotten fucked again I would've junked it). The test should high even numbers across every hole and she's still running now 3100 miles later.

    I really should not have let the car sit, the paint getting messed up really bugs me. Everything else is great though, could use a little more TLC but as you know I'm a perfectionist so I'm really hard on my own things.

    Oh yeah and the damn MSD Digital 6 broke AGAIN! I hate MSD I have the worst luck with all their crap. I need something that will run reliably not break and leave me on the side of the road while I'm in my suit and tie on the way home or to work, that's bull$hit. I still haven't sent it off for repair but if I do when it comes back I'm not sure I'll use it.

    Other then that I think that's about it. Ummm my Lady and I split up, that kinda sucks, we're still like off and on but it's hard because of the kids an well moving on after so long isn't exactly easy. My job though is doing great which is good because without steady income I'd be surely fu#ked, lol.

    For those who are interested I've been toying with the notion of selling the car for a long time and well now I'm more serious about it. I am going to ask $6,500 obo but honestly between us I want and will not let it go for less then $5,000 firm. I know it may sound like a lot to ask for a car with poor paint but the car is more then worth it, considering all the time and effort invested in it, not to mention the parts.

    I could really use the money to help with a down payment on a home so I think it's best to sell it now before it's really not worth it because of it's age or it's out of style.

    So if you guys know anyone I'd rather see it go to an enthusiast rather then a complete stranger. I'll probably list it next week in the local autotrader.

    Well guys... again sorry for not being around I'm sure I've missed a lot.

    Oh yeah!!! I saw I think his user name is "Slick Dilly Joe" or something like that, the guy that got the CF trunks made, well I saw his car in Honda tuning, I think.... NICEEEEEEE I was like hey I know that car... damn that guy used to think mine was cool, lol.

    That was cool. hmmm I still want CF trunk (I'm still a kid at heart) lol.

    See you guys around.
    My unupdate website, lol. <click here>.

    Holy $hit!!! I'm still a mod? Is that respect or administration overlooked, lol.
    My unupdate website, lol. <click here>.


      haha welcome back man

      hope everything gets set straight with arrozburner


        Your car has always inspired me. I now have Fife Doors of Fury!

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          i was just looking at your profile like a week ago wondering where you were, good to see your back


            I <3 BustedLX.

            Great to see you're doing well for yourself.
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              Welcome back man... as far as still being a mod, I think deev decided that until we heard from you what was up, he would just leave it as it was.

              Its been what a year since you posted on here? We had heard from a few members that you were still around, busy with stuff, but always waited for the day when you would post again. Glad to see you still have the car, and that its still running. What are the other two cars that you have?

              As you can see, after a problem with my car that wouldnt go away, I decided to upgrade, but still have my bro's cb7 to fix every once in a while. I would still like to get another cb7 for an autocross car, since I wouldnt want to conform to an inferior crx/civic/teg, but that'll have to wait until I get a house.

              Did you end up starting the shop that you were thinking about? Well, have a happy and safe new years.

              edit: just saw that your speedworx website is back up, looks like you got it going.


                I don't know you or your history, BUT thanks for your contributions to this forum.
                I am just finishing up my H22A4 SH swap on my cb9. Nearly every search I ran(ALOT) returned a thread of some sort with you in it. ESPECIALLY the "READ FIRST" swap thread. It was nuts on most of the time.

                WTB - IACV for H22a4.

                FS: 1993 CB9 w/H22a4 and much, much more.

                PM or email with inquiries.
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                  wow, and so he returns.

                  i understand getting caught up with life and not having time/enthusiasm to come visit the site, but i was always just curious what youve been up to and where youve been.

                  doing good i see, hows the business going? glad to see you still have the car, selling it or not. definately a nice car that i wouldnt mind seeing around here again, in your hands or anothers.

                  thanks for stopping by jose, and its good that youre making good w/ ramiro. hope to see you around these parts sir.

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                    Good to hear from you again! hope everything works out for the best, sorry to hear about the relationship troubles. You should come by more often! Half of the OG members dont even have CBs anymore.

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                      good to hear from you man, good or bad it was nice for you to make this thread and start posting again, it doesnt matter what condition the car is in now, still is an inspiration. yeh you've had your share of dark times(who doesn't), get get your priorities straight, keep ya head up.

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                        Originally posted by Accord R33
                        ...Half of the OG members dont even have CBs anymore...
                        yeah, but we always come back for more...

                        welcome back BustedLX. ive missed your sig

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                          Hey man,

                          Welcome back
                          Henry R
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                            always good to hear from good ol OG..
                            making things right before the New Year huh!

                            godspeed my friend..


                              Originally posted by '93accordse
                              yeah, but we always come back for more...

                              welcome back BustedLX. ive missed your sig

                              x2. Haha.

                              I believe I was still a n00b to this place about the time you stopped posting but like Matt said, I've missed seeing your signature. Always made me laugh.