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240sx vs Accord

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    240sx vs Accord

    This is not a racing thread or anything, and I didn't think it should be in Other Automotive, but for the past 2 weeks, I've been debating, should I:

    A) Keep the '92 Accord AND
    -have a jdm f22b
    -Delta 272s
    -t3/t4 turbo
    -OBX LSD
    -Do suspension(cup kit)
    -Do 3in exhaust


    B)Buy a s13 240sx
    -Rebuild ka24(DOHC) motor (Forged pistons/Rods), new seals/gaskets
    -t3/t4 turbo
    -Crower Turbo Cams
    -Oil pumps/fuel pumps/injectors
    -Maybe some more head/intake manifold work

    I'm leaning toward the 240sx, and have been researching them on the Nico forum, I kinda have a rwd itch, along with needing a bit of a change. The 240sx would remain "sleeper style". If I got the 240sx, I'd keep the honda, leave it as is, maybe build a custom front torque strap, do some maintenence, and leave it as the families back up car.

    Just curious on the input. If I do go the 240sx route, there will be a lot of parts up for sale. lol
    Build Accord up
    Buy 240sx/Build up(keep accord)
    you need a better car than those


    It'd be cheaper to swap an SR20 into the S13.....that's what I'd do. Or, keep the accord and get a project silvia for cheap, eventually swapping in an RB26. That'd be crazy.
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      Why not take on something new? If you're not planning on getting rid of the Accord, some diversity is never a bad thing, ya know?


        240sx FTW!!!


          Originally posted by maroonaccord2.2
          It'd be cheaper to swap an SR20 into the S13.....that's what I'd do. Or, keep the accord and get a project silvia for cheap, eventually swapping in an RB26. That'd be crazy.
          sr20s are like h22s. Forget that. ka24-2.4L, mad torque. and it would cost about the same and I'd have a hell alot more power outta the ka24. rb26-awd no thanks too much work. rb20, kinda common. rb25-that would be sick but not what im looking for



            the 240 would be sweet

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              Get a newer car.

              Id go with a 6th gen Accord. IMO roomy plus it can double as a sleeper.

              I've been won over by the 6th gen, ALOT which is the reasoning behind my thread on the pic request of Luis' friends' car : Pic Request

              Sedan body with coupe sheetmetal up front? Can't go wrong with that.

              I'd go the CB7 route again but I since I sat in Wayne's brothers car

              (Which can be found here: 90 Accord DX ) it's doesn't feel the same anymore, just a bit more cramped (being tall has it advantages but then again it sucks...).

              Which is why I'm opting for a 6th Gen sedan, for the next Accord I'd pick up.

              The 4th gen Accord I had was blast to drive and I learned all my stuff on that car, first motor swap, lots of rare JDM parts and best of all a great community, which is why even though I own a Ford (Im sure Deev will make some sort form of insult ) I still lurk these boards.

              But in reality a 14 year car will loose its value over time, now if it was a rare peice like many late model muscle cars, it would be a different story.

              And as for the S13 Silvia, it's becoming a sore sight for eyes. Everyone wants to drift, everyone just wants to be just like him or her.

              Hell I've already seen a RHD S13 here in Nashua already, don't know it was an actual car imported over here but if I had to guess, it was just a front clip welded on there.

              Besides that Im not much of a two seater type of guy, but in nutshell thats just me

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                240sx, do it!

                CrzyTuning now offering port services


                  ^^^ i like that 6th gen.

                  rob, by a 6th gen!!!
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                    If you have that rwd itch get the 240 as long as you keep the cb. The ka24 turbo is nice as long as its tuned well and such. I got me a rwd car just because of that and still got the accord =D. You wont regret it. RWD can have a lot more fun especially with a turbo =P.

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                      I'm a boost addict, so the 6th gen wouldn't work out. To afford it I'd have to sell my accord, where as the 240sx would be a gradual project. Granted they are very nice cars, if I was to get a newer accord it would be a 96 accord coupe. It's gonna take me a couple months to source the funds to buy the 240sx, then over summer work my ass off and I should be near completing it.

                      Nail05-out of curiousity, what rwd car do you have?

                      I skipped class today and just sat on teh nico forums, those dang ka24 are built pretty strong, forged rods/pistons stock apparently.