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    Wow Jesse, congrats on another new one! I'm glad you bought one with a proper manual gearbox. Did you have to special order it?

    Also, I think this is the first 9th-gen I've seen with lowered suspension. It looks very aggressive, very sporty.
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      I want your car...

      BB6-><Summer Lover
      BD6-><Dailey/Future AutoX
      Mazda 6s-><Wifes


        Hey there bud!

        In August I picked up a 2013 EX in Modern Steel as well.

        Had 17k miles on it.

        Im with you, love this generation. It drives so nice, very refined. Sporty and is pretty quick but very efficient and comfortable.

        Now that I have one and have been reading about them online, I really want a v6 6 speed lol.

        I want to install a dual exhaust setup and flush mount spoiler so it looks more like the sport. I wanted a Sport but I could not give up having a sunroof lol.

        How do you like the D2? Wish I had the $ for a set, Id love to drop her.

        What is the rear arms for?

        Only mods I have done are the h9 bulb conversion for the low beams(I had 5k 35w HIDS, but the housings are really meant for halogen bulbs and I had a shadow cast by the return rod so I scrapped them)

        I installed yellow LEDs for the fog lights and white leds in the interior and trunk deck.

        That is about it.
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