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Myself, and the other mods have been very nice and lenient with the rules. We have been deleting threads, and giving out warnings. Some members didn't get the clue and re-posted over and over... Now ANY member buying or selling in this section will be banned... No IF's AND's or BUT's.
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Beginner Forum Rules - EVERYBODY read! (old and new members alike!)

Beginners start here. Once you have 30 worthwhile posts (off topic doesn't count) you may post outside of the Beginner forums. Any "whoring" (posting simply to raise your post count) will return your count to 0, or result in a ban.

These are the rules. Read them. Live by them.

1) Absolutely NO flaming! "Flaming" is an outright attack on a member. ALL questions are encouraged to be asked here, no matter how basic. Members with over 30 posts will be subject to a ONE WEEK ban if caught flaming in this forum (and yes, moderators can read deleted posts). Members with under 30 posts will be subject to a ONE DAY ban.

2) Use appropriate language. Racial or sexual slurs will not be tolerated. A ban will be issued at the discretion of the staff.

3) No items may be sold in the Beginner forums. Any "for sale" threads will be deleted.

4) Temporarily banned members will be PERMANTLY banned if they are found posting on another account.

The rules can and will be added to. Any updates will be marked in the title.

The rules for the overall forum can be found here:
Read them. You will be expected to follow them.
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      Funniest shit I have EVER read! It's about Goddamn time. Someone sticky this motherfucker.

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      Originally posted by Jarrett
      Is there a goal you're trying to accomplish besides looking dope as hell?


        Originally posted by greencb7inkc View Post
        Someone sticky this motherfucker!

        '09 Mini Cooper S (R56)


          Where's my GODDAMN "LIKE" button?!?

          This thing deserves the sticky just for usage of the word "cuntbag".

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          Originally posted by Jarrett
          Is there a goal you're trying to accomplish besides looking dope as hell?


            Nice find!!

            Might have to put this in the rules

            This would sound awesome if said by the "Power thirst" person.

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              u r funni


                Wow, someone needs a hug :P

                That's fucking awesome. I may not be a genius or any shit like that, but, I try make myself seem somewhat educated when I type. Proper sentence structure, spelling, and grammar are big pet peeves of mine. Laziness seems to be running rampant these days. The God damned "cool" kids and their texting "language" irritates the fuck out of me, as does "Ebonics".


                  Nobody says "Ebonics" anymore... It's thoroughly racist to assume that only black people talk like idiots. This site is proof that EVERYONE, of every cultural background, is capable of talking (or rather, typing) like a total fucking moron.


                    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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                      Originally posted by greencb7inkc View Post
                      Someone Sticky This Motherfucker.
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                        I've seen this on multiple forums and it cracks me up everytime. Then again, people still don't get the hint, and they continue to type like morons.

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                          This is by-far, the best thing i've seen yet.

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                          Originally posted by H22Artman
                          if he still disagrees. well...... buy him a pink sweater and tell him to go buy some curtains.
                          Originally posted by deevergote
                          I posted a nude photo of myself on it broke the site.
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                            y r u so mad? it's not like their is n e thing wrong. i type better in class then here


                              So after that awesome grammar lesson...

                              Did anyone notice in the explanation of the "comma" that there is an error?

                              "...when you use him a sentence."

                              If it wasn't so funny I'd call it a fail.


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