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Cast vs Stamped Lower control arms

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    Cast vs Stamped Lower control arms

    This might seem quite stupid to most but its an actual thought thats racking my brain at the moment, basically which is better a cast lower control arm or a stamped. My reasoning for asking is just because to the sake of looking stamped just looks so damn fragile. Yes its lighter then a cast one and therefore on of the trade offs but is there a difference when it comes to per say the strength and reliability, i mean they did use cast for a reason originally and it has lasted 20 odd years.

    This question is being posted mainly because i broke my lower ball joint, lucky i was already off the highway and going no faster then about 10mph. I might have to buy a new lower control arm and all see is stamped all over the place, so in the end does it really matter? or is it just choice? hell they use stamped in racing right?

    Are you talking about factory parts? Front or rear? I believe all CB7 and CB9 (wagon) have cast front lower control arms. Sedans and coupes have stamped rear lower arms, wagaon rear lower arm is cast (presumably stronger for heavier vehicle). I believe the wagon arms will fit the coupes and sedans.
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      Yes that is true, front lower control arms are all cast

      For the rear a wagon cast rear lower control arm will fit and it will be stronger and have less flex but overall it doesn't really matter.