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I have some great F22 Hondata Maps

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    I have some great F22 Hondata Maps

    Hey guys,

    If anyone needs any help with a Hondata file for their F22 let me know.

    I have been tuning a bunch of Hondas here in Maryland & have gotten very comfortable with the F22.

    Finally getting to tune a K24 coming up the next few weeks. Waiting for the client to get a wideband first.

    You can also reach out to me on Instagram: @georgewiffington

    Or email

    Thanks guys!
    Keep Pushing..


    I started to follow you on insta, but it would be good to show your work there, there are no posts :/


      I would love to learn more ! I think just how to use Hondata and where to click. But I am running a turbo too.


        Raf and Director, if you guys are on the fence, I will tell you this:

        I recently changed out my manifold, it solved my bucking issues going into gear, or doing a hit from a roll.
        (Issue was the double stack and gutted butterfly)

        I hit up G. Wiffington on Instagram.

        I explained how the engine felt as to power curves and torque feeling prior.
        Along with lists of mods done to the vehicle.

        He sent me a map, had me datalog it and record short AFR readings for him (helps with reading datalog)

        Not counting the first map he sent me, after 3 datalogs, the car felt amazing.
        He solved the loss of power when VTEC engages (based on my words) and not going off the AFR readings.

        Before his map, when VTEC engages, you hear the loud cross over, but it feels like the vehicle falls on its face, then slowly picks back up around 5,600-6000 (was set to 4,800-5k prior)

        With my word of telling him that feeling, it did not take much for his adjustment and when VTEC crosses, the pull (torque) feels the same across the board into the higher RPM limits.

        With a total of 8 basemaps (just trying to fine tune so AFR are fully stable) I want to say that he did a great job for not being with the vehicle, and not doing live tuning and just going off of datalogs.

        His prices, he undercuts everyone and he isnt asking for more to fine tune the logs.
        Very reasonable with his pricing and very patient with assisting to get readings correct. Very easy to work with, I do recommend.

        As for how it does at the track.... Once I get everything together, I will go do a test hit at the end of the month and we shall see a full chassis sedan EX, H22 tuner 2 cam and full bolt on can do.



          Damn!! I didn't realize anyone responded to this! Sorry guys!!

          Hit me up on IG GeorgeWiffington or my emails or

          Hell yeah Dao!! We got your setup real nice. Cannot wait to see what numbers you put down at the track.
          Keep Pushing..


            Hey guys, just wanna update if anyone reaches out to ask about F22 or H22 Tunes.

            I am so bad at looking at my emails so if anyone needs anything just email my assistant at

            She will respond & we will work it out!

            Thanks guys!
            Keep Pushing..