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Treadstone f22a turbo kit… will it retain ac/ps?

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    Treadstone f22a turbo kit… will it retain ac/ps?

    My question is if I install treadstone’s turbo kit, will I be able to keep ac and power steering without modifications?

    this is the turbo kit I’m talking about…

    I’ve searched and the kit is mentioned and recommended here a few times but there isn’t a exact answer whether treadstones turbo kit will clear and retain ac and power steering. I’ve asked some cb drivers and opinions are mixed.

    Ive asked treadstone direct on Instagram and their answer so far is unclear as well.

    Does anyone know for certain or Even better have the turbo kit installed that can advise?

    Soo.... I don't have the kit but I looked into this before too. I would say yes. I have the manifold and never used it, plus went to H22 long ago. But I'm also not 100% sure. Doesn't matter anyways. No turbo kit is true plug and play. If it's not the PS or ALT in your way, it's the belt or the reservoir. (battery / tray / etc. ) Some modifications always required. Your best bet (assuming no-one in here answers) is to google image search. Example below.
    It looks like this where the WG and turbo are purposely set to not interfere. And assuming your cold side tubing is going towards the drivers side too. I mean they show you the manifold but which way does it go? Does the WG go on the left or right? (turning the manifold 180 deg.)

    Looking at these pics the 1st one maybe is your setup. You can turn the turbo yes, but it may be too high to close the hood etc. So you're forced to go with the exhaust on the right and cold piping on the left, which makes it weird.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Turbobuild002sml.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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      Power steering I believe so, but for A/C I am 90% sure that there is no way without modification. All the pics above, run without a/c, except the last one and it isn't even a complete set up. Yes, they flipped the turbo, but now the wastegate will just dump right on turbine housing and like Raf mentioned, your turbine housing will most likely be resting on your hood which would eventually burn a hole through it and most definitely cause your paint to fade.

      You will not have much room for the intercooler with the a/c condenser and the p/s cooler in your bumper, unless you go sidemount or water to air intercooler. But then your introducing more items in the limited space of your engine bay. You will also have to get custom a/c lines to run around your turbo and manifold if you did want to keep A/C.
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        Thanks for the replies. I know all turbo setups need customization and modification.

        I know going with a dsm setup you can keep ac and power steering with minimal customizing.

        I spoke to treadstone and finally got a reply and they said it should clear. But from the replies here it seems you guys are saying no still.

        They did confirm part of the head will need to be grinded to clear however. Think right now the dsm route is looking best still
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          Best of luck man.


            Man i want the power of turbo but i love my cb being all stock. Too hit my high torque rating at a lower rpm would be all i need without destroying the reliability of car.