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Stock Block Highest PSI?

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    Stock Block Highest PSI?

    What is the highest PSI anyone has ran on a stock block? No ARP headstuds & never removed the head.

    I have been cranking out 19psi on this little .57 ebay turbo E85. More than 30 pulls on 19psi

    I thought 10psi was dangerous lol according to threads from back in the day?

    Click image for larger version

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    Keep Pushing..

    Ya. It says that. & Still dangerous (rods, etc), let us know when you do a whole summer of pulls


      I have over one year+ worth of pulls. Put the engine in last August & beat the shit out of it every time I take it out. Well over 200 pulls on 14-16psi. I have way over 10,000 miles on this setup.

      Anyone else walking the fine line lol?
      Keep Pushing..


        Here is a pretty good video of the 19psi:
        Keep Pushing..


          I'm going on 8+ years on 15PSI on a built H22. I think time will catch up with you on this setup but great that it's lasted so far!


            3:39AM in the morning but I am so stoked!

            Finally hit a clean 20 PSI on the Stock Block F22b

            Still stock head studs & the OEM headgasket.

            This was beyond my goal & it is really motivating me to get the built block in the Civic.

            I might post the video on Youtube, I will let you guys know.

   1500cc Injectors are too good if anyone is looking for injectors on a budget.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	20.7lbs.PNG
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            Keep Pushing..


              Hit 21.1psi lastnight! The air was so good at around 28 Degrees. I was trying to go out the night before but the wind was really strong.

              I think this will be the max I will go on the stock block. Still no signs of the headgasket leaking or blowing out.

              I am getting worried about the rod caps snapping though lol. Pushing the limit of the stock part for sure. Still have yet to see anyone on the stock block make this boost without ARPS.

              Click image for larger version  Name:	21.1psi.PNG Views:	0 Size:	9.6 KB ID:	4983568
              Click image for larger version  Name:	21.1psi 2.PNG Views:	0 Size:	9.5 KB ID:	4983569
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                Sweet! And maxing the injectors out?


                  Nope, still only half way there which is crazy. Duty percentage is at 56%.

                  I want to get more attention for people wanting to run a bigger injector on a budget. I am currently on the 1500cc HunterTuned. Only around $300 & they are Bosch brand. I think it's the best injector out right now for the budget. They idle perfect & cruise without any issues.
                  Keep Pushing..


                    Ring lands will likely be the first things to go. I’m amazed you’ve made it so long! Technically ANY amount of boost is very likely to break a ring land. Slightly widening the ring gap may help, though I haven’t actually seen that technique in action.
                    The “10 psi” rule of thumb is about as reliable as the pull out method.
                    I’ve known experienced professional Honda techs that built engines with brand new OEM components to blow them within a week with a properly tuned turbo setup. I’ve known people with janky high mileage 20+ year old engines boosted with junkyard parts and running a basemap to last years.

                    It’s always a gamble. I’m glad to see it’s working out for you!
                    but I would definitely expect the first casualty to be a ring land. It’ll probably score up the cylinder wall a bit when it fails. When you rebuild, go forged. Forged and properly tuned/maintained, it’ll last a very long time! Unless something stupid happens… which is always more likely as you modify an engine, no matter how careful you are, and how good your parts are.


                      Thanks Dev! Been a long time since I talked to you in a post.

                      Yeah the first setup I had I broke every single piston lol. I need to post up the pics but it was insane how they all broke. Surprisingly the motor still ran fine just a ton of smoke & that smell of burning oil is something you can't forget lol, smells so bad. They deff broke because of way too much timing under boost. & it was so sad because I was only on 7psi but I was also running 93 pump gas. That setup I was running Bisi springs but I ended up just taking the springs out of the equation.

                      I do have a built block sitting in my basement that I built, just waiting for the warmer weather to get it in the car. I just did a nice Cylinder Hone & #1 had a minor scratch but nothing your nail can feel. The new setup are Wiseco & some eagle rods.

                      Yeah I am amazed this setup has been almost 2 years now 15psi+ since I swapped it. E85 Ethanol is definitely your friend when going Forced Induction.
                      Keep Pushing..